Seattle Cannabis Freedom March 2015: We Don’t Want Your Drug War!

On Saturday hundreds of cannabis activists and enthusiasts gathered in Volunteer Park and then took to the streets of Seattle for the sixth annual Cannabis Freedom March.

The police escorted procession was led by Ah Warner’s Cannabis Basics car with hemp activist Joy Beckman standing out of the sunroof with a blow-horn.

While nobody was being obnoxious about their public pot smoking and being very respectful to the multitude of police traveling with us, I can report there was ample pot smoking in the park, along the march, and when we arrived to Westlake to see live music and more speakers.

The highlights of the day included some very motivating and empowering speakers like Danica Noble of NORML’s Women of Washington talking about parental rights for people who responsibly use marijuana:

Morgan from MJBA’s Women Alliance:

Shawn Denae from the Washington Bud Company:

A sweet moment with Nana’s Secret, Cecilia Silverton and TwiceBaked talking about medical marijuana topicals:

Filmed on location: MJBA’s Week in Weed:

I came home from the march feeling empowered and thankful to be part of such a kind, forward thinking, and hard-working cannabis community.

The Dream Of Marijuana Business Is Alive In Portland

Yesterday I traveled with the Marijuana Business Association to Portland, OR where about 75 local cannabis entrepreneurs gathered at the Lucky Labrador for a monthly MJBA Meetup.

It would appear that the dream of running a marijuana business in Portland is alive and strong. The people that came out were very enthusiastic for what is happening in Oregon’s newly forming cannabis industry although many of them still seem to be figuring out how they will fit into it.

I was reminded of what it felt like to be in a room of cannabis entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in Washington even just a year ago. A lot of the people there were just starting to come out to the business world, their friends, and their family that they are into weed and they may even get into the business of it. It made me smile to think of the progression of my own journey from out of the weed closet to all over the internet.

I left the Portland MJBA Meetup somewhat amused how people there view Washington kind of like a competitive sister state. I heard a few times that people think Oregon is ‘going to get it right’ and be the model for the rest of the world looking to legalize. I wonder if those people will still feel that way after a year of dealing with the OLCC as they navigate an industry that is literally changing day by day.

An Evening With Dr. Ethan Russo: The Terpene AfterBuzz

VIMEA meetup 4/15/15

VIMEA meetup 4/15/15

On Tuesday I took a little adventure on a ferry over to Vashon Island for the monthly Vashon Island Marijuana Industry Alliance (VIMEA) Meetup. It was the second one that I have been to and it did not disappoint.

The first time I went to one of their Meetups was last month and it was there that I initially met Dr. Ethan Russo and learned that he would be speaking this month. I immediately put that event into my schedule.

Meeting Dr. Ethan Russo

TwiceBakedinWA with Dr. Ethan Russo

In case you don’t know, Dr. Ethan Russo is a world renowned cannabis researcher, neurologist, and author. He spent an hour talking to a very packed house about terpenes and the entourage effect. I was sitting on the floor in the very front with my notebook and pen taking down the points that didn’t go over my head.

I’ll share two of my takeaways:

1) When it comes to taking CBD, more is better.

2) Terpenes are best taken through the skin or inhaled from the air.

After the event there was an inhaling celebration of another kind by the 135 attendees outside as one would expect from a devoted cannabis community.

Check out the after buzz with myself and Virginia from PhytaLab here:

I have a whole new respect for the cannabis medicine that I take daily from this evening. Thank you to VIMEA for putting it on and to Dr. Russo for so graciously sharing your knowledge.


Having ‘High Tea’ With A US Virgin Island Senator

This week I had the pleasure of attending Green Lion Farms in the Sodo district of Seattle for “High Tea,” a special event put on to welcome and celebrate a visit from the US Virgin Island Senator Terrance “Positive” Nelson and his delegation.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the event but Washington’s cannabis business industry surprised me and came out in force to welcome this special group. There was live music, a few speakers, fancy little sandwiches, fresh cannabis leaf centerpieces, and a steady flow of tea.

I talked to almost everybody from the traveling party and what struck me the most from all of them was being reminded what it was like to live outside of the cannabis bubble I seem to be dwelling in. Here in Washington I am experiencing the normalization of cannabis while in the Virgin Islands it is still a taboo subject.

Just a few short years ago it was a taboo subject in my social world too. However, now that I openly use it medicinally and have a job that involves the marijuana industry, it is no longer allowed to be au untouchable subject.

I’m grateful to be part of this ever-expanding bubble where cannabis is normal and a regular topic for conversation.

The Saturday Pot Shop Tour

I was cooking a late breakfast in my pajamas on Saturday morning when I received a message from Jessica Jordan, a gal I met through MJBA, asking if I might join her in a day tour of cannabis retail shops in Washington.

Jessica is about to start building her own retail cannabis shop in Everrett, WA called Mari J’s Highway Pot Shop and was taking the day to see how other retail shops are operating and designed. I have to say there are not too many people I would be into doing this with, but she apparently is one of them. I turned off the stove, threw on some clothes, declared it a hat day, and flew out the door for another cannabis adventure.

We met in Federal Way and drove 90 minutes to Olympia where we managed to see not only a retail shop but also a medical cannabis farmer’s market. In all, we ended up visiting 5 retail shops before calling it a day.

Every shop was very different and in the days since people have asked me about prices and brands and what was available. The stores pretty much all carry similar stuff but they all do not deliver the same experience. Not all of the customer service was bad, but for the most part it was severely lacking in every single store. Atmosphere was also something to be desired. Only one store had music and while the store itself was nothing special, it did make a noticeable difference.

I didn’t really pay too much attention to the prices because they seemed to be all over the map. I did notice that the average joint seemed to be about $10-$12 and looking at packaged weed did nothing for me. There wasn’t much for edibles in most stores beside’s Zoots, which is everywhere. I didn’t find anything interesting to buy until we got to the medical cannabis farmers market, Washington’s Farmer’s Market. There, I found cannabis infused bath salts, an edible, oil pulling swish, and suppositories. None of those products exist in the retail marketplace.

I’m curious to see how many of the pot shops are still operating in a year, 2 years, five years. I’m even more curious to see how medical cannabis is in a year from now in Washington.

Thank you to Jessica Jordan for a delightful day! I can’t wait to see her store once it opens.


How To Store Raw Cannabis For Juicing

Raw cannabis is very perishable but it only takes a couple of steps to make sure the cannabis you may be juicing is stored properly.

Tips For Storing Raw Cannabis:

Fresh Leaves: Store in a bag or airtight container in the fridge with a paper towel for up to 2-3 days. Use or juice as soon as possible. Avoid storing in the freezer if you are intending to use the plant matter for juice as it destroys the plant’s raw enzymes and we want to keep those, when possible.

Fresh Cannabis Juice: Store in an airtight container in the fridge for about up to 3 days. You will notice that the taste of the juice gets stronger and more bitter as it ages. Use the juice up as soon as possible or freeze it.

Frozen Cannabis Juice:  For the juice that you cannot use up in a couple of days, freeze it. Mix about 1C of cannabis juice with 1/2C of water or coconut water, pour into ice cube trays, and freeze. Store frozen cubes in an airtight container or vacuum seal saver packs.

Taking cannabis juice requires regular effort and work to have consistent plant matter that can be hard to come by. Storing it properly will give you better juice and a higher nutritive value. It is totally worth the effort.

Happy Juicing!


The Raw Cannabis Juice Shot

Raw Cannabis Juice with a squeeze of lemon.

Raw Cannabis Juice with a squeeze of lemon.

Cheers. I am taking my raw cannabis shot with a squeeze of lemon this morning. The citrus cuts the strong flavor of the cannabis.

Something to note, that you don’t see in the video, is that I followed my juice shot with a hot drink that has coconut oil in it. The fat helps the body absorb the nutrients and cannabinoids in the juice shot.

This week I am focusing on stress relief amidst a full work schedule. The goal is to focus on my meditation practice and stay present with the people I am with in order to take in everything that is happening around me.

May you have a great week as well.

Thank you for tuning in!



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