How To Store Raw Cannabis For Juicing

Raw cannabis is very perishable but it only takes a couple of steps to make sure the cannabis you may be juicing is stored properly.

Tips For Storing Raw Cannabis:

Fresh Leaves: Store in a bag or airtight container in the fridge with a paper towel for up to 2-3 days. Use or juice as soon as possible. Avoid storing in the freezer if you are intending to use the plant matter for juice as it destroys the plant’s raw enzymes and we want to keep those, when possible.

Fresh Cannabis Juice: Store in an airtight container in the fridge for about up to 3 days. You will notice that the taste of the juice gets stronger and more bitter as it ages. Use the juice up as soon as possible or freeze it.

Frozen Cannabis Juice:  For the juice that you cannot use up in a couple of days, freeze it. Mix about 1C of cannabis juice with 1/2C of water or coconut water, pour into ice cube trays, and freeze. Store frozen cubes in an airtight container or vacuum seal saver packs.

Taking cannabis juice requires regular effort and work to have consistent plant matter that can be hard to come by. Storing it properly will give you better juice and a higher nutritive value. It is totally worth the effort.

Happy Juicing!


The Raw Cannabis Juice Shot

Raw Cannabis Juice with a squeeze of lemon.

Raw Cannabis Juice with a squeeze of lemon.

Cheers. I am taking my raw cannabis shot with a squeeze of lemon this morning. The citrus cuts the strong flavor of the cannabis.

Something to note, that you don’t see in the video, is that I followed my juice shot with a hot drink that has coconut oil in it. The fat helps the body absorb the nutrients and cannabinoids in the juice shot.

This week I am focusing on stress relief amidst a full work schedule. The goal is to focus on my meditation practice and stay present with the people I am with in order to take in everything that is happening around me.

May you have a great week as well.

Thank you for tuning in!


Steamed Spice Hemp Milk

This morning I woke up feeling a little achey, my fingers and toes were freezing, and my energy was a little low. I decided to make a hot drink that would attempt to help my circulation, inflammation, and feed my soul.

I combined hemp milk and spices and turned them into a morning drink that is tasty and nourishing.

Steamed Spice Hemp Milk (2 servings)

1T turmeric

1T ginger

1T cinnamon

1/8t cardamom

2C hot water

1C steamed hemp milk

1) Blend the spices with the hot water.

2) Add spiced liquid to the steamed hemp milk.

3) Add honey to taste, if desired and enjoy immediately.

May this week bring us all more movement and better flexibility.


The Monkey Brain Hemp Smoothie

It is Monday Morning Motivation where smoothies are made for breakfast and I am able to focus on my goals for the week.

This smoothie is a thick banana and chocolate shake that is nutrient rich, high in protein, and healthy fats. This combination of flavors and nutrients satisfies me in the moment and it provides me with long lasting energy.

The Monkey Brain Shake

1 banana

1tsp maca powder

3 tbsp hemp protein powder

1T coconut oil

1T hemp seed oil

2T raw cacao powder

1-2C coconut water

1oz raw cannabis juice

1-3 ice cubes (optional)

1) Blend.

2) Drink.

Medical Cannabis Lobby Day In Olympia With Ah Warner Of Cannabis Basics

Screenshot 2015-01-28 14.31.39

While attending the 2015 Medical Cannabis Lobby Day in Olympia, Washington, I had the chance to talk with Ah Warner CEO of Cannabis Basics, a  Seattle-based company that makes cannabis topicals.

Ah was in the State Capital representing Americans for Safe Access and lobbying for the big medical marijuana bills that will potentially pass this legislative session. She was also there drumming up support for SB5493, a new topical bill that would allow for the sale of cannabis health and beauty aids in any store in the state without need for a special license.

SB5493 distinguishes cannabis health and beauty products from marijuana which means that products that are made with less than .3% THC will be able to be made and sold everywhere.

The passage of this bill would vastly affect her cannabis topical business, currently only available to distribute to medical marijuana shops in Washington.

Your Assignment: Write About Sexism In Cannabusiness


One of my work assignments for the week was to write about sexism in the cannabis industry. Dang, not a topic that I would have picked but I accepted thinking it would be easy. It was not easy. It took me 4 days to squeeze out less than 400 words, sweating over the idea that I might be sending anything negative into the world.

Have I had to deal with sexism in the cannabis industry? Totally. I don’t know a woman who hasn’t had to deal with it. That being said, I think dealing with it requires you to come from a place of personal empowerment.

Here is the full article…Thanks for reading.

Sexism In Cannabusiness

Sexism in the workplace is probably one of the least sexy things to have to talk about, and yet, it is a topic that comes up for women of all industries including those in cannabis.  While sexism may be an uncomfortable topic it is something, especially as a woman, that is hard to avoid.

Let’s face it, sex is used to sell pretty much everything and it is common in our society for women to be objectified in print. Open any cannabis related magazine and you will see multiple examples of beautiful, young, women in sexy poses matched with the latest products for sale.  How does this imagery affect us, our business, and our industry?

In the male-dominated cannabis industry, it is common to be the only female in the lunchroom and have to endure hearing sexist jokes, unprofessional sexual innuendos, inappropriate invites, and a general level of social unsophistication.

While one area of focus might be on men or society’s influence as the culprits, we as women play an important role in changing negative sexism around us. As business owners we are able to set social policies that do not tolerate inappropriate sexual conduct. As women we can respond to unwanted sexism from an empowered place and teach those around us how we want to be treated with a grace that still allows for business to exist. But how?

What is an effective way to react to sexism in the workplace when you encounter it? Is it good to react and speak up against it or hold your tongue in silence and let the moment pass?

How can we as women and business owners stand taller in our power to not allow the sexism that we are exposed to on a regular basis, negatively affect us, or our business environment? Not only that, how can we lead our industry to hold a higher standard of how we depict and treat women?

On Saturday, January 24th at the Red Lion Hotel in Bellevue, Washington the MJBA Women’s Alliance warmly welcomes Betty Aldworth, Executive Director for Students for Sensible Drug Policy as its keynote speaker. Together with leading women of the cannabis industry she will conduct an open and honest discussion of Sexism In The Workplace.  All women are welcome.

Tickets for this day long event to unite leading women in the legal marijuana industry from Eastern and Western Washington are available online.

Cannapple Ginger Juice

This is a simply delightful cannabis juice that tastes like a spicy treat as it saturates your endocannabinoid system.

Dust off the juicer for this one!

Cannapple Ginger Juice

-50 grams of fresh raw cannabis leaves

-2 carrots

-1 apple

-1 inch piece of raw ginger

1) Soak cannabis leaves in cool water for a few minutes before juicing.

2) Put all ingredients through your juicer.

Makes two servings.

Cheers to your health!

Raw Cannabis Rules

Raw Cannabis Rules



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