Raw Cannabis And Mango Popsicles

Raw Cannabis Popsicle

It has been about a year and a half  since I was able to first try consuming raw cannabis. I continue to say that there is nothing like raw cannabis. While every marijuana delivery method comes with benefits I have yet to experience anything like the goodness that I get when I eat it raw too.

Eating cannabis raw provides a meal with the cannabinoids in their acid state that allow you to consume a lot more of them. This morning, for example, I added 70g of raw cannabis pulp to a breakfast smoothie, about 1/3C. It did not make me feel high but I did feel very energized and positive as I took on my day.

I’ve been playing with freezing cannabis in popsicle forms this summer. Having cannabis served as a delicious popsicle is total a delight to my marijuana appreciating senses. Cooling, delicious, and fun to eat.

Raw Cannabis Mango Popsicles

Measure how much liquid your molds hold and plan accordingly. Mine held 1.5C of liquid. 

3/4 C raw cannabis juice

1 mango, pureed

3/4C coconut water

1/4 C blueberries

Option 1: Blend everything together except  blueberries. add blueberries into the mold and freeze. They will turn out a lovely green.

Option 2: Create layers by mixing coconut water with mango and cannabis juice seperately and alternating spoonfuls into the molds, adding blueberries to each layer. They will turn out as pictured above.

Enjoy these with a side of gratitude for being able to consume cannabis as food. Food is medicine, you know.







What It Feels Like To Eat A 10mg/THC Marijuana Edible


Since marijuana became legal in the state of Washington a lot of people I know are considering trying cannabis for the first time ever or in a very long time. A lot of these people are not smokers, not interested in smoking marijuana, but are really curious about trying marijuana edibles. Some of these people also have stories about how they ate homemade marijuana edibles back in the day where they got too high so they are freaked out to try them again.

I can’t blame them. I’ve experienced what it is like to consume too much THC from an edible and it freaked me out enough not to consume another for a couple of days. Actually, I was making infused cannabis chocolates and consumed too much from licking the bowl, spoon, and trying a sample on top of that. It was not the pleasant experience that I am accustomed to getting from taking cannabis. I gained some serious respect for edibles that day.

One great thing about being able to purchase Washington’s regulated marijuana edibles is that you should be able to easily figure out how much to take for your body depending on the effect you are going after. Gone will be the days of guessing how many bites to take and wondering what it will do to you. Now, you should be able to educate yourself on what a portion size of 10mg feels like for you, measure your edible portion size accordingly, and then be able to use them responsibly.

I went to Evergreen Herbal headquarters in Seattle to talk about this subject because their quality marijuana edibles are labeled really well and easy to measure 10mg/THC portions.

In the video, Marco brings up the point that eating a 10mg/THC edible is similar in intoxicating effects as a glass of wine or beer. I wouldn’t disagree with this comparison except that the effects of an edible can last for several hours which, by the way,  is a wonderful thing when you use the right amount for you. Everybody is different, so while 10mg might feel like nothing for me, it might feel like a lot or just enough for you.

My experience with edibles is that they don’t make you as mentally high as smoking or vaping but they do provide a lovely wash of body relaxation and a gentle mental uplift. That is, of course, if you are taking the right amount for your body.

When you eat an edible it can take 1-2 hours to fully feel the effects, depending on how you metabolize it. Many newbies make the mistake of not waiting long enough and thinking they don’t feel anything and end up taking more before the first portion kicked in. Oops, now you are too high and will be that way for several hours. Taking too much THC in an edible form could possibly be a very unpleasant experience, and again, it could last for several hours.

So, here are a few things I recommend if you are trying legal edibles for the first time:

Your goal is not to get super high, your goal is to learn how your body responds to marijuana edibles so you can know how much to take when you do want to get high. Pick a day when you are able to relax. Plan the time of day when you will take it and have something to preoccupy you while you wait 1-2 hours for the effects to kick in. Avoid drinking alcohol that day. Once you feel the effects you will then be able to make note of what 10mg/THC felt like for you. Was it hard to tell if you were feeling anything? Or did it feel like too much? If it felt like too much, take half next time. If it felt like nothing, you may want to try 15-30mg next time.

Since we are comparing edibles with alcohol, let’s assume that you wouldn’t responsibly guzzle an entire bottle of vodka in one sitting your first time drinking and then wait to see what happens. You would most likely only enjoy a drink or two from that bottle or you could suffer potential alcohol poisoning from overconsumption.  While nobody has ever been known to have died from too much THC, you don’t want to be that person who has a horrible experience on edibles and swears them off because you didn’t take it slow and learn how to eat them responsibly.

Marijuana edibles are wonderful when used properly. Do enjoy, Washington.



Peanut Butter Hemp Balls For Seattle Hempfest 2014

Peanut Butter Hemp Balls

Tomorrow starts a very full weekend for myself and thousands of other people in Washington who will be gathering for not only Seattle Hempfest 2014 but also the first ever CannaCon marijuana business and lifestyle expo in Tacoma.

I’m going to be attending both events over the course of the next four days capturing what is going on with MJ News Network and enjoying the festivities. Super exciting doesn’t begin to explain the energy that surrounds this weekend.

Hempfest 2014/cannaCon

On Saturday I will be at Seattle Hempfest and Peanut Butter Hemp Balls have been created as something to pass out to other hemp enthusiasts at the festival.

In the video you will see me attempt to form the cookies into balls and watch me partly fail. I had refrigerated the dough overnight and that made it too dry to form. If you make this recipe, don’t do that.

Peanut Butter Hemp Balls

1 cup shredded coconut

1 cup dates

1/2 cup hulled hemp seeds

1/2 cup peanut butter

1/3 cup coconut flour

1/4 cup dark chocolate, chopped (or chocolate chips)

1) Combine shredded coconut and dates in a food processor until it becomes a cookie dough texture.

2) Mix in hemp and peanut butter until fully combined.

3) Mix in coconut flour until fully integrated. (more may be needed if the mixture is still too ‘wet’)

4) Mix in chocolate. The dough will look crumbly.

5) Form crumbly mixture into balls.

6) Refrigerate in an airtight container.


If you see me this weekend, please come and say hi!



Cannabis Cured My Anxiety Attack


I had an anxiety attack this morning while making breakfast. It wasn’t about my impending day or the act of making breakfast but rather an intense internal negative feeling that came over my entire body. I started to shake, my heart started to race, and my breathing became shallow and tight. I may have dry heaved. Totally not normal. It is rare for me to get a full blown anxiety attack but this served as a reminder that I have a special brain and it requires daily attention.

I don’t like to say this out loud, but I am a fairly anxious person. I am plagued with a daily low level anxiety due to physiological stress that my body is under from a neuromuscular disorder. This little body of mine has been dealing with that type of constant stress since before I was even a teenager. I manage to keep a calm, cool, positive exterior but if you spend enough time with me you will be exposed to moments where the anxiety that dwells within my body escapes in various forms. It never feels pretty.

Right about now, I would like to interject that I hate writing about this. I hate letting you in on this part of me because it feels so negative and dark and I just don’t tell people this stuff. I much prefer spreading light but I know that somebody else out there is living with this most bizarre thing too and could benefit from feeling that they are not alone.

I am grateful to be aware of how special my brain is. I am very aware that it likes to send jacked up messages to my body all day long and tell it to do things a normal body is not supposed to do. It is very stressful on a level that is hard to explain to somebody who has never gone through it. I take this type of stress seriously because I know that it is the silent killer that would put me to my grave long before my spinal disorder ever could. This condition of mine benefits from cannabis because it calms down my inside self, allowing for a feeling of normal to exist.

How do I use cannabis for anxiety? Multiple ways…

First, let me say if you are eating or inhaling it specifically to manage anxiety, what strain you choose can be a big deal. Everybody reacts differently to different strains but for some people certain strains may actually increase feelings of anxiety. I personally  cannot recall any strain ever giving me anxiety but I’ve seen it in other people.

Delivery method makes a difference in how it works too. In the moment, I inhale. Within minutes, mental and often physical anxiety is relieved. For several hours of relief, a CBD or sativa dominant hybrid strain might be put into my food. If I have 20 minutes, I will take a medicated bath or apply a topical all over. When I have access to it, I will take raw cannabis daily which noticeably keeps my body in a generally calmer state.

Cannabis allows me to stay on track with the other powerful methods I use to manage anxiety and stress. Meditation, movement, nutrition, laughing enough, and getting sleep is key to dominating this chronic condition. If I don’t get enough of all of those, after a short time, you guessed it,  the internal anxiety grows and escapes.

If you medicate to relieve anxiety, may you never feel bad or ashamed for doing so. Stress is a killer, literally.

And…To all the people who look out for me and aid in my mission to live calmly, thank you.


The Cannabis Farmer’s Market With Healthy Habits

Sonshine Organics

Every Saturday, Sonshine Organics in Olympia, WA holds a medicinal cannabis farmer’s market. I dig this place. When you walk into the door you see a wall of fitness equipment behind the cannabis farmers who are there with various strains and medicines that they provide.

The vibe here is very different from other cannabis markets that I have been to. From the feeling of family, to the on-site chiropractor, and the free raw cannabis juice for market goers it becomes clear why the energy here is so uplifted. They are focused on health and bringing their own journey’s as patients to the community as a means to help themselves and others heal.

Within the market there is a medicating lounge and live music where patients can find the moral support to deal with their health conditions and heal together.

Beyond being a cannabis market they passionately recommend 7 doctors to everybody:  Sunshine, Air, Rest, Water, Exercise, Diet, and Cannabis. I love that.

Next weekend they are hosting Hempseed 2014. Hempseed is an annual alternative health and hemp education event that is open to the public and will include special performances by the very patients that Sonshine Organics serves, their cancer-surviving children.

Thank you, Sonshine Organics for being such powerful ambassadors for health, wellness, community, and cannabis.


Visiting Farmer Tom’s Organic Cannabis and Vegetable Farm

Farmer Toms's cannabis garden

For the past year, every time I have talked to Farmer Tom he has invited me down to visit his farm in Vancouver, Washington. This week I finally made the drive, and am I ever glad I did.

What used to be an old nursery in the country has become the spot that Farmer Tom and his wife call home. It is also the location that he grows food to feed multiple families and cannabis to afford the costs of operating such a farm.

When we got to his property, Farmer Tom took us on a walking tour of the cannabis and vegetable gardens and shared with us his methods for growing organically and sustainably. It was a delight to be able to see so many different varieties of cannabis and vegetables and experience what they look like as they grow.

I was impressed with the simplicity and calm of his operation. From just a few minutes of walking through the garden with Farmer Tom I was able to learn much from his decades of experience about how cannabis grows and a way of growing that I had never seen in person before.

I appreciate what Farmer Tom is doing with his farm. He is growing natural, organic medicine in the form of cannabis and vegetables and he is branding himself to swim in the world of marijuana business to save his farm from financial hardship so he will be able to continue feeding others and helping sick people.

Lately, he has also partnered with Kush Tours and opened up his farm to the public who can now come down to the farm and see it for themselves. The tour walks you through the whole farm and is about 90 minutes long.

Thank you Farmer Tom and your lovely wife for hospitably welcoming us, showing us what is possible with organic gardening, and sending us home with a cooler of delicious vegetables.


Inside A Cannabis Cloning Micro-Grow

Some of the mama marijuana plants at Permanent Farms Micro-Grow

Some of the mama marijuana plants at Permanent Farms Micro-Grow

This week my adventures took me to Permanent Farms in Puyallup, Washington. To be honest, I had no idea what I was walking into. I mean, I’ve been in a few cannabis gardens before, but this was different.

First of all, when I heard the word “Farms” in the title, I kind of pictured rolling hills with livestock and tractors. The address I was given, however, took me to a nice apartment complex. I walked up to the door, not knowing that I would be entering a cannabis spaceship on the other side.

The door opened and I was greeted with glowing lights, narrow walkways, shelves of little cannabis clones, and small rooms full of mama cannabis plants.  The very close quarters with everything in its exact place for maximum efficiency still managed to somehow have a very open and welcoming vibe.

What they do here is clone cannabis plants. From sixteen plants of various strains they are able to produce a couple thousand healthy, organic clones per month. They have a methodical system set up that allows for maximum productivity, it’s impressive.  From the micro-grow, clones then go to collectives and are available to patients in Washington.

The whole idea of growing my own plants as a patient has been a daunting, intimidating concept but after seeing such a simple and well thought out operation, the idea of growing my own garden one day seems much more attainable. I was able to envision how it would be more possible to have a fresh cannabis garden that keeps feeding me raw leaves even with limited space.

This week, in talking to other patients and growers about my experience, it was interesting how many people responded by telling me they were either growing some Permanent Farms plants or they were intending to. Their reputation for quality clones at competitive prices apparently precedes them.

Thank you, Permanent Farms, for letting us see inside your impressive operations!




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