My first trip to a Cannabis Farmer’s Market


This morning I went to my very first Cannabis Farmer’s Market. My intention going in was to find medicine and hopefully learn as much as possible about everything there. The first thing that I noticed was the glorious smell. There was definitely weed there as vendors were lined up to share their cannabis and products. At the first vendor I stopped at, I met a lady in her 50’s who sold medibles and oil. I chatted with her for a while and got some oil that came in an easy to measure syringe for my baking.

As I continued on a few tables more, I met a man who offered me cannabis wax. I accepted, which was a first for me but not an unpleasant experience at all. At that point in my cannabis farmer’s market experience I was glad that I had been taking a mini medicine break over the past couple of days for maximum impact when I consumed again. I did not, however, take anything away from that particular table.

Let’s fast forward the rest…I went to almost every vendor and chatted them up. I smelled about 30 different kinds of cannabis. I bought some medicated lotions. I hugged a lady who seemed to need it. Overall it was a very positive and comfortable experience besides the few tables that I had to really work at to move on because they talked so much. And that one guy which the horrible halitosis.

I would definitely prefer to go to that market than a dispensary any day of the week. Plus the medicines and products were less expensive than in a dispensary so my pocketbook is happy too.

I was really pleased with how much people knew about their products and a little surprised with how much I already knew as I talked to them. I was disappointed with the quality of medibles that were offered, none of which I would even try because of my food allergies. Turns out I’m not such a newbie after all.

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