Treating a Migraine with Cannabis


I have been writing on this post all week with a spirit of desperation and frustration. For three days I battled a migraine that sucked the sunshine out of my soul. Despite the head pain, physical discomfort, back pain, light sensitivity, nausea, lousy memory, anxiety, and slight disorientation I attempted to live life like a normal human. If you get migraines you know it brings life to a halt no matter how much you need to get done, how much you would rather be living, or how badly you would just like relief from debilitating pain masticating your brain.

In the spirit of finding a cannabis remedy that  would work for the migraines that I have had off and on since age 9, I decided to take advantage of this difficult week to experiment with some new mmj medicine I hadn’t tried yet.

My migraine showed up on Monday morning. I woke up with that little feeling I was getting an ugly headache, the perfect time to apply a cannabis migraine topical salve to my forehead, temples, and the back of my neck. I’m not sure how to explain if the topical provided any relief except that it seemed to hold the headache at bay for a while. Still, I could feel my headache build all morning and around noon it hit me with its full impact, vomiting and all. I made it home and turned my bed into a cocoon, hoping to be able to sleep it out. I only slept for about 30 minutes. Got up, did a few necessary things and took some indica cannabis tincture and ibprofen (which I generally use just for headaches.) That let me sleep for 6.5 hours overnight. I needed more.

I woke up Tuesday morning with my headache still there, nauseous, and feeling really defeated that I was going to have to face another day with my head in a dark black cloud. This is where the feelings of desperation set in. I vaped a little cannabis flower and that helped to mute the nausea and pain and allowed me to pretend to be human enough to leave the house.

Around noon I had a raw cannabis smoothie and I noticed my mood lift a little and my symptoms mute some. I contemplated taking something for further relief but I also felt so tired of being the person who seemingly has to take medicine everyday just to function at normal. I protested by trying not to take anything else. That lasted but a few hours. The frustrating part was that anything I took didn’t take the symptoms away totally although it did seem to mute the pain some.

Wednesday I woke up feeling a little better but still battling. I decided that it was a great day to fully medicate. I started my day with a dose of RSO cannabis concentrate (blue dream and harlequin). Later that morning I medicated with OG Kush. I continued with an afternoon medible… you get the idea. I was very medicated by bedtime and I got some very needed rest and relief after a few days of struggling.

Thursday I woke up feeling ok. I was still sensitive to light, physically weak, and felt like there was a potential that my migraine could come back, but for the most part I was fine.

What did I learn this week about using cannabis for migraines? I needed to use a lot of it to get real relief but I did get some relief. Vaping is helpful for the nausea and seems to mute the pain some but not so much with the mental cloudiness. The medibles were helpful for sleeping and some relief of pain and anxiety. The topical salves seemed to be effective during the window between first feeling a headache and having it hit full blown so you can get your cocoon prepped, get hydrated, get medicated, and get to bed.

I was reminded this week that sometimes we have no control over the things that we endure. Here’s hoping that maybe this was my last migraine ever.

Until next time, may you remain perfectly medicated.


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  2. Posted by Trigirloct09 on July 5, 2013 at 6:08 am

    I too suffer from migraines can u ease ema me to share more information and how I can obtain this intriguing treatment!! Modern chemicals make me a zombie and don’t help much so I began to vape peppermint oil for nausea and it helped…that is what led me to your post. I was searching for vaping peppermint oil and migraine headache relief!!

    Thank u!!


    • Hi Trivial,

      Peppermint oil is amazing, huh? Hopefully you live in a state where you can access medicinal cannabis. Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox too. Here’s to having less migraines and more fun. xo…TwiceBaked.


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  4. Hey brother, nice results – happy to hear! I too am trying raw cannabis and have two questions for you.

    First, do you think the superiority of the medicine would improve with outdoor plants vs indoor? That only stands to reason with the nutrient and light variations. Curious if you have firsthand experience with both as I have only tried indoor.

    Second, you should try and expand your raw juices! Here is an old blog of mine when I did a massive juice cleanse to help clean up some bad depression. I think you will find great relief in celery juice, combine it with cannabis and kale. That sounds like a righteously synergistic combo for pain relief.



  5. […] needed to reminisce about my entire last week spent in the dark because of a fairly debilitating migraine. Not only was there a migraine, but my mind was inundated with creativity, and my empathic senses […]


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