Let’s Rub Cannabis Into Our Skin And Feel Better


When I first tried a cannabis infused body lotion I was kind of disappointed. I mean, I knew I wasn’t going to get high from it but I honestly was expecting it to relieve my back pain to some degree. I had heard other people’s stories of rubbing it onto aching muscles and joints and experiencing relief and I kind of hoped it would be like that for me too, only it wasn’t like that at all.  I didn’t experience any relief like those people had. I rubbed it on my back several times but I didn’t feel like it did anything for me so I slowly quit using it.

It wasn’t until some time later when I started learning about the body’s endocannabinoid system and discovered that one way you can feed this system is by using cannabis topically, allowing your skin to absorb the compounds that activate receptors in your body to reduce pain and inflammation, improve immune function, relieve depression and anxiety, etc.

Once I understood the benefits of using this cannabinoid delivery method my entire outlook on topicals changed and I decided to give them another try. The awesome part was that I was able to start right in my kitchen and topically apply the medicated cooking oils I happened to already have in the pantry.


I have tried a number of different pre-made lotions as part of a mini-quest to find one that one amazing topical. I’ve actually found a number of really good ones. So far, they are all a little different. Some are green, some are white, some smell like cannabis, some are scented, and some have no smell at all. I personally try to stick to products that have their ingredients listed and are chemical free.

I have a migraine salve that I have actually used during a headache and while I can’t say that it took the migraine away, it did hold it at bay for me to be able to eat, medicate, and get to bed. I found a really great massage oil that will literally make me sigh in relaxation about 15 minutes after putting it on. I also have a lotion that is allergen and scent free which my face absolutely loves.

I’ve heard of people using topicals to treat skin cancer, growths, joint and muscle pain, and neuropathy just to name a few things. It’s rather remarkable what your body is able to do with cannabis and that it can do it through the skin.


To apply a body topical for maximum CBD absorption:

1) Take a nice hot shower or bath and exfoliate the skin. This cleans the skin of waste and opens the pores.

2) Apply your topical lotion or oil all over.


It has been suggested that I apply topicals morning and night for maximum benefits. I don’t usually put lotions on my skin every single day so getting into the routine of using a topical even once a day has taken a little bit of dedication but I’m sticking with it. You know, part of that self-compassion mumbo jumbo.

I look forward to the day that these products are readily available everywhere skin care products are sold. Until then, may those of us who can, rub cannabis into our skin and feel better.


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  1. Posted by beemer on July 27, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    rubbing our beloved plant into our skin really does work. I make a cream for my wifes chronic pain and it really helps. i put peppermint crystals into the cream to help. I have given this product to a lot of patients that have arthritis and they have had very good results from it. I do this only to help. these kind of thing just make you feel good.


  2. Thanks for the post on Topicals. Finally someone is talking about them. Please note when you look for topicals find ones that don’t have chemical preservatives or frangrance oils. These man made elements are actually counter productive to the medicine, create a barrier on the skin that doesn’t allow medicine in or allow for the release of toxins and Co2. Ah, Cannabis Basics


  3. Man made fragrance oils are also not rich in healing terpenes that are naturally occurring in essential oils. Ah


  4. […] strain might be put into my food. If I have 20 minutes, I will take a medicated bath or apply a topical all over. When I have access to it, I will take raw cannabis daily which noticeably keeps my body […]


  5. […] a book called The Cannabis Spa At Home. This is her second published book, a how-to guide for making marijuana infused lotions, massage oils, ointments, bath salts, spa nosh, and […]


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