The Walking Stick: Cannabis Infused Toothpicks


I get giddy when I find new smokeless ways to ingest cannabis. Lucky for me, one sunday in Seattle at the World Famous Cannabis Farmer’s Market I ran into the good people of Kush Cream. To that point I had only tried their topical lotion and had no idea the vast number of products that they make. During an explanation of their products they pulled out the medicated toothpicks. Cannabis infused toothpicks. That made me giggle. Who comes up with this stuff? Apparently Kush Cream does. They gave me a bottle to try and I have to say that I’ve really liked having them available.


I have since taken walking sticks on numerous adventures and I appreciate how they allow me to discreetly medicate anywhere. Using them is super easy, you just keep one in your mouth for about 20 minutes switching which end you are sucking on half way. They have a pleasant and fresh taste. For me the effects are quick, mild and relaxing. I find them great for relieving physical and mental anxiety.

photo      photo-2

So, when you see your family members popping toothpicks in their mouths after Thanksgiving meal, remember that one of them might actually be medicating with a Walking Stick.


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  1. Posted by Brett on November 22, 2013 at 8:11 am

    Great Idea! I’ve thought of soaking toothpicks in a tincture for a few days/weeks and then drying them out and doing this. Glad it actually works!


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  3. Posted by Andrew on July 20, 2014 at 12:23 am

    My friend, whom stays with me, came back from one of his friends with 4 toothpicks. I just finished sucking on one and I’m feeling pretty stoned right now. In fact, I’ve been feeling stoned for a couple of hours now. It’s a real good idea and one of which, I want to continue with. Because for one, it is very discreet and no one, not even my mom knows I’m medicating myself. It’s so awesome. I’m glad my friend back them back. I’ll suck on the other one in the morning and hopefully, I can get a whole box of them.


  4. Posted by Kitty Snell on July 29, 2014 at 1:07 pm

    Where do I get them?


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