The Sweetest Cannabis Farmer’s Market in the Whole MMJ Universe

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One of the best things that I discovered last year was the Cannabis Farmer’s Market at the MMJ Universe in Black Diamond, WA. What was initially a nice drive in the country to a safe access place to get high quality medicinal cannabis has become one of my favorite places to spend a little time on a weekend afternoon.

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This little weekend market allows cannabis patients to smell and see up close cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and anything else your cannabis related medicating needs may require. Each farmer brings their own expertise and experience in growing and using cannabis for their own ailments. The information that they posses is invaluable to other patients, like myself, who are seeking to understand all the variety of ways one can use cannabis. It is wonderful to be able to meet the people who grew and processed your medicine.

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Over the past year I have seen the market develop too. Now it is open on Sat and Sunday, the concentrates seem to have gotten better, there are more medibles available, and the choices for great topicals have really expanded too. Did I mention that they also offer massages and yoga classes? I haven’t been to one of their Sunday yoga classes yet but I did get a free 10 minute massage while listening to live music the last time I was there. It was lovely.

photo 5-1 photo 3 photo 2 photo 4-1 I’ve been able to meet some pretty wonderful people at this market, find quality cannabis medicines, and learn more about my medicating options than I ever thought possible. While the future of medicinal cannabis is still being shaped in Washington it is my sincere hope that provisions will be made for such a great venue to continue.

Maybe this weekend I’ll see you there!


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  2. I like it, I called some friends and they trash the roots. I think I will start a trash company for dispensaries and grows collect roots clean them up dry them hard and sell it. 9-:

    Check out our book a business operations called Seed to Harvest and Harvest to sale. Includes history how to’s the business operations, requirements and software for retailers and grow farms or collectives. Good price, beats BIO Tec.

    First check out the book.

  3. There are topical companies that use the roots too. Your ambitious spirit is appreciated.

  4. Our market day would not be complete without a visit from my Women of Weed sister ‘TwiceBaked’ Pam! I’ve learned so much from you lady! Thank you for the wonderful blog. We all benefit from the exhaustive research that you do. Keep it up and thanks again.
    -Deidre, MMJ Universe Farmer’s Market

  5. Thanks Deidre, All your hard work is appreciated over here too. WoW.

  6. Posted by Jim on January 31, 2014 at 12:37 am

    I would like to contact Twice baked Pam for info on cannibis oil for cancer. Thank you for any info.Would it be worth atrip to washington to talk to venders. Thank for any input.Just read a short book on cureing cancer,The name of the book is Cannabis cures Cancer.Any input would be a great help. Thanks for help.

  7. Hi Jim,
    I am not super experienced with the protocol for using cannabis oil for cancer although I do know a number of people who have used cannabis oil for their cancer. I encourage you to also explore juicing raw cannabis as an additional way to fight cancer. Check out the work of Dr. Wes Courtney for more info.
    Be Well,

  8. Posted by Jim on April 6, 2014 at 11:56 pm

    Hello Just realised that you replied to my post, Thanks for the reply it is now a couple of months later. I have so many ques.1is coming from calif.would it be advisable to come to Washington,to your market to find more help and advice,From your venders..
    I know there are venders herein california.but I’m 80yrs old and dont know people that go into Medical MMJ like you do.

  9. Hi Jim, Feel free to send me questions, I appreciate them. Some of my most favorite people are 80 yrs old and using MMJ- I learn a lot from them. Sending you warm indica hugs.

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