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MMJ Lemon Lavender Hemp Cookies

When somebody by the name of SafeTdriver did something nice for me this week, I responded by wanting to make him some one-of-a-kind medicated cookies.

Now, some of you may know SafeTdriver. He has a YouTube channel where you can see him medicating with cannabis, creating original hemp macrome everything, and educating the world about how he has been able to get off of pharmaceutical drugs for Crohn’s disease.

SafeTdriver’s hemp work is beautiful and that is why I went to him looking for advice on how I might build a hemp boa. While all I was looking for was advice, instead of throwing me a suggestion he sent me a picture of the boa that he had already started for me. I kind of freaked out, in a good way.

What does one do for somebody who is building a piece that will be in my closet forever and with me on many, many adventures? I build them hemp cookies. Or in this case, medicated hemp cookies.

I needed to put a little thought into the ingredients since he does have Crohn’s disease and has a very sensitive digestive system. He kind of needs to eat the same as me except that he is sensitive to fiber. I asked him if he could tolerate the vegetable glycerin tincture and he told me that it was fine if he limited his sugar intake that day. Good to know.

Raw Lemon Lavender Hemp Cannabis Cookies

1/2C raw cashews, finely chopped

1/2C raw almonds, finely chopped

1/3C hemp hearts

1 lemon, juiced and zested

2 T maca

3T raw honey

4T chia seeds, soaked in about 1/4C water

1-25ml bottle of Cannabis and Lavender glycerin tincture (I used the whole thing)

1) Soak the chia seeds until they have absorbed all of the water. Add more if needed to create a thick pudding like consistency.

2) Combine all of the ingredients and mix well. Chill in the fridge.

3) Place all cookie dough on a piece of parchment paper and  form into a roll. Slice into cookies and place into a food dehydrator for about 7 hours.


I like how these turned out. Not too sweet or too tart and just the right amount of lavender. The hardest part was waiting for them to be done and hoping that they will be Safety approved.

I appreciate kind, creative people so much and love how they how they can go through this world peacefully spreading imagination and goodness.

SafeTdriver, thank you for bringing more positivity to this world while you hemp your way through it.

And, like he always says, “Do something nice for somebody, that shit will come back to you.”


Check out SafeTdriver’s YouTube channel and find his beautiful hemp work here:

MMJ Peanut Butter Fudge


This past week I attempted to create a medicated peanut butter fudge without using processed sugar. Using what ingeredients I had in my house I came up with a quick, simple, and healthy fudge version that not only is effective as medication but also packed with nutrients.

I used a CO2 extracted cannabis oil that I know had been tested for quality and impurities. I like cooking with CO2 oils because they are already activated and can easily be added to any dish, drink, or even taken right under the tongue.

MMJ Peanut Butter Fudge

1/2C cacao nibs

1/2C hemp hearts

1C coconut milk

1t vanilla

6 medjool dates

1/4 cup maca powder

1g CO2 cannabis concentrate (option for MMJ version)

3/4C peanut butter

1/4C coconut oil

1/3C chopped walnuts

1) Blend cacao nibs, hemp hearts, coconut milk, vanilla, maca powder, and dates until smooth.

2) Gently heat the peanut butter and coconut oil in a double boiler. Remove from heat and add the cannabis concentrate to the warm oils. Mix well.

3) Combine both mixtures then add walnuts.

4) Place in a 6″x9″ pan and chill in fridge for 15 minutes. Cut into pieces and place into freezer until firmly set.

These turned out to be a pleasant way to medicate. Not sugary but with a rich and fudgy texture and effective daytime mmj potency. Perfect with a cup of tea.

It takes serious diligence to take care of yourself when you cannot eat like everybody else. So, for everybody out there who has to make their own medibles to avoid processed ingredients, cheers to you.


Using Cannabis When You Might Lose An Eye

photo 1-4

This weekend at the cannabis farmer’s market I struck up a conversation with a guy who made me appreciate a little bit more what we have here in Washington. He relocated himself a few years ago to this state from Arkansas specifically to be able to use medical cannabis. Medicinal cannabis does not exist at this time in Arkansas and even if he could get cannabis it is frequently from Mexico and poor quality compared to the specific high-grade strains that he can have safe access to here. He told me that he moved here 90% so he could have access to medical marijuana and 10% because of the visual beauty of the state.

It would seem that visual beauty is a major bonus for a man who has been dealing with severe eye issues ever since he was 12.  That particular Christmas Eve, he had a black light blow up in his face, severely damaging his eye, and forever affecting the way he sees the world. Since that night he has endured lens implants, cornea transplants, years of doctors appointments, pharmaceutical medications, and lets not leave out the 22 days that he literally had to stare at the ground 24/7 so his eye could heal after one of his most recent surgeries. Now, at age 29 this man finds himself with mounting medical bills, a limiting visual and physical disability, more surgery on his eye, or removing it altogether leaving him with one eye and the option of a patch or a fake eye. Heavy stuff.


I asked him how cannabis helps him. He told me that when he smokes certain strains of cannabis, such as Sour Diesel or Cinex, the pressure above and around his eyes is relieved and released. He uses indica strains help to relieve the facial and neck strain and he has been able to use cannabis medibles after surgery so he wouldn’t have to use as much of the pharmaceutical drugs that negatively affect his digestive system. Above all else, one of the most important things that cannabis does is to help him have moments where he is able to forget about his eye. It helps him navigate socially when getting out to be able to look at the people in the eyes and in turn have people see his eyes.

Now, if somebody from across the room had been watching our conversation it is unlikely that they would have known that we were perfect strangers talking about somebody’s eye possibly getting removed. We were laughing and cracking jokes between the serious sentences about his situation. It turns out there are a lot of good eye jokes out there. 

photo 2-4

I sat in that conversation appreciating another human who is able to find humor in the chronic darkness that they have to carry around daily and still face the world with a smile. I appreciated that he was also able to sit through my horrible jokes like, “Which one is your good eye? (hahaha) ” Really, TwiceBaked? Nothing about that is funny.

I walked away from our conversation feeling uplifted, grateful for only my own problems, and thinking about where I might be able to create more humor, positivity, and lightness to deal with my chronic challenges.

I asked him what he might want to say to the people of  Washington if I wrote about him and he told me he hopes people here stop at least once a day to take in and appreciate the visual beauty that we have here in the Evergreen State.

I couldn’t agree more.



How Are You Using Raw Cannabis?

This week I was sent a number of really great questions from a reader who asked me to elaborate on my raw cannabis usage. I would love to elabortate!!

Question #1: How do you keep it fresh and store it? I store it in the fridge in an airtight container with a paper towel to absorb moisture. I also freeze the juice or full pulp made in  my blender in ice cube trays. The cubes work great in my smoothies.

Question #2: How long can you store it for? In the fridge, 3 days maximum. In the freezer, people tell me it begins to degrade in there after just 7-10 days and others who say it is fine in there for about a month. If you have it, use it up!

Question #3: How much do you consume each day? Right now I am trying to consume about 1-2 oz fresh raw cannabis material. I was aiming for the suggested 7-14 leaves/day but when somebody told me they measured their raw dose with a kitchen scale I went out and bought myself a scale so I have another way to measure. Not all leaves weigh the same. Also, the more I take it, the less I measure it- I can just eyeball how much I need.

Question #4: What plant parts are you consuming raw and in what quantities? Right now I am consuming leaves and stems (see question#3 for how much) but when I have access to it I will also consume raw young buds (maybe an amount equal to my baby finger, not much).

Question #5: Do you take it once a day or break it up into multiple doses? I do both. I prefer to take it first thing in the morning and be done with it. Sometimes, though I will make an extra serving for later in the day. I know people who say they benefit from a morning and afternoon dose but my personal experience so far has been that I need to get it at least once a day.

Thank you, Mainah, for such awesome questions. I appreciate you joining me on this journey.

Have an awesome day!


How I Reduced My Cannabis Tolerance With More Cannabis


I once again have access to raw cannabis. Today is day 9 back on it and I am feeling like a new person. I have humbly been reminded about the things that happen to me when I eat raw cannabis leaf and/or flower.

Firstly, eating and juicing raw cannabis changes my tolerance to THC. Before raw cannabis I could easily consume one or two (or more) medibles and vaporize repeatedly through the day without feeling like I’ve ever had too much or like I couldn’t handle more. I don’t seem to have a cannabis ‘off button’. After the first few days on raw cannabis and I suddenly have an ‘off button’. On Friday, and many consecutive days before that, I had needed 3 medible doses through the day but on Saturday eating one medible in the morning would now last me well into the evening.

By Tuesday I stopped taking all forms of THC or CBD infused medibles. I just didn’t seem to need them because my inflammation and body pain has been reduced so much. That was already 6 days ago.

I’m still vaping but even that has been reduced. During the first few days of adding fresh cannabis leaves to my smoothies, vaporizing felt like a new experience. It was like I was using marijuana for the first time and very little made me high. One week later and that has adjusted some, my tolerance has gone back up enough that I don’t feel super high, I feel just right. I still don’t need to use that much though.

Something else that is super exciting is that I’ve noticed my thinking patterns are different. Depression is more a feeling of the past, I can think more clearly, and I find myself thinking more positively about everything. It feels very empowering.

Next, I am working on increasing my activity. The stiffness in my joints and my back pain has been reduced so much that moving and exercise feel good again. I am excited to get after my strength and balance training with a brain that is able to communicate better messages to my nervous system. Let this little yogi fly.

May the current bounty of raw cannabis in my life continue so I can keep feeling this good.


Raw Cannabis Rules.


The Cannabis Suppository Experience


When I was first told about being able to take cannabis in suppository form I think I shook my head and asked why the hell would anybody want to medicate that way? Well, it turns out that all sorts of people use suppositories for good reason, because they work.

Cannabis suppositories bypass the liver and are absorbed into the bloodstream quickly by thousands of nerve endings in the colon and rectum walls. They don’t give you the same euphoria as is experienced when you inhale or eat your cannabis and they provide hours of relief for physical pain. This makes it an effective delivery method for people who may not be able to eat, inhale, or are suffering from cramping, inflammation, vomiting, body pain, or any number of ailments that happen below the belt.

I got curious about how different this delivery method was from the many other ways that I currently use cannabis. I started looking for suppositories in various dispensaries with no luck. That search ended the day that I asked a dispensary employee if they had any suppositories. I knew I was in trouble when she took me over to their glass section. She slowly looked over the entire case of pipes and bongs and said, “Nope, I don’t see any here. Do you need any rolling papers?” One side of me was telling me to educate that girl about suppositories but the other side of me was laughing so hard it was all I could do to get to my car where I had a good belly laugh until tears ran down my face. Precious memories.

So, I called in some advice from other patients about using cannabis suppositories and embarked on making my own. From what other patients told me about their experiences I was going to be relieved of pain and possibly super horny for hours. While that concept was not undesirable to me, I had visions of not being able to get out of bed due to non-stop orgasms. How would I be able to function like that? Apparently I have a healthy imagination. 

They suggested using coconut oil for its antibacterial qualities and its ability to assist in the absorption. They also said to make sure everything was super clean and to maybe plan to not be alone in the event that I did experience an increase in libido.


Making the suppositories was very easy. I super cleaned my workspace and tools.  I melted PHO (propane hash oil) in a small amount of coconut oil, poured it in small forms, and chilled it. I calculated what a serving might be like for me based on how strong it felt when I took it sublingually.

I was reminded of what it feels like for new patients trying cannabis for the first time. It can feel a little daunting when you have no idea what you might experience. Although I have been using cannabis for some time and know how my body will react to it, I was still nervous.


Happily, my first dose was just right and my experience was not super intense. Within minutes I could feel a warm, pleasant sensation washing over my entire pelvic region while the muscles in my back, pelvis, and entire body totally relaxed. The zero body pain and zero anxiety without a  “head high” lasted for a few hours.  I kept expecting it to keep getting more intense but it never did and I was able to get on with my day.

I took another slightly higher dose later that day. The effects were definitely stronger and while I was lying down for the medicine to absorb I fell asleep. I woke up an hour later feeling very rested and physically relaxed. It was wonderful, actually.

There is another thing to know. What goes in eventually comes out, so be prepared for that surprise.

I came away from the experience feeling enlightened about the suppository cannabis delivery method. It was not the paralyzing horny high that I was imagining but certainly a great option to have in the cannabis medicine cabinet.

The bottom line is that cannabis suppositories are not scary, just different.


Why I Avoid Cannabis Vape Pens

photo 3-2

I was first introduced to cannabis vape pens from another MMJ patient who was going on about how much they liked it for medicating. I tried it with excited anticipation and instantly felt let down by the experience. Although the effects were potent enough, it left me with a nasty taste of chemicals that really turned me off. I since have tried others from people who compellingly made arguments as to why their pen was good or their oil was superior  but something about the vape pen experience doesn’t feel right for me.

Plus, I have ongoing questions about these little medicating devices. The vape pen is a fairly new technology and the effects of long term use is not known. Are they really safe to be inhaling from regularly?

I decided to find out what experiences other patients are having when they use them. I talked to about 30 people who regularly use cannabis vape pens and here is what I found…

photo 4-2

People who use them love how discreet, convenient, and easy vape pens are for medicating on the go. They can be used pretty much anywhere. There were a few people who liked that the effects felt a little milder than dabbing their concentrates and that they were able to maintain an even level of homeostasis through their day.

The majority of people I talked to also had complaints about their vape pens. I repeatedly heard that they hated the taste, how frequently the pens break (even the spendy ones), oil leakages, how frequently they require cleaning, and how disappointingly mild the vape pen experience is for them. Two people told me that their pens gave them a cough and I also met a person who had a vape pen battery blow up in his hands causing severe burns to his palm and fingers.

I really wanted to find out what materials most people’s pens were made out of but the majority didn’t really know what their pens were constructed of. A lot of the pens that I have seen are made with plastic and/or have a lot of plastic parts although some are made with glass, ceramic and metal.

Let me be real here for a second. I don’t know of what parallel time warped universe I would need to live in for it to be okay to heat up anything plastic and breathe it into my lungs in an effort to ingest cannabis. Everything about that makes my body and brain cringe. I’ve heard repeated stories of people’s pens off-gassing the first few times a new pen is used but nobody has been able to tell me what chemicals they may have inhaled during those first few hits or any other chemicals they may be inhaling from the device itself with continued use. I don’t dig that.

photo 2-2

Then there is this little question I have about polyethylene glycol (PEG), the chemical that can be found in pre-filled oil cartridges to give the product a more fluid consistency.  Is this chemical safe to heat and breathe? While PEG is generally accepted as safe to consume, little seems to be known about the long term effects of consuming it through inhalation. Most people I talked to had little clue what PEG was although one person informed me it was also an ingredient found in antifreeze. The internet was not an overly helpful source. I found sites saying it was safe, maybe even “good for you” and I found sites saying it should never be inhaled. What is one supposed to believe?

photo 1-2

Since cannabis medicating is part of my long term health management plan I would like to know that the ways I am using it will not cause harm to my body.

photo 5-2

And, if I am inhaling unknown toxic chemicals with my medicine, is it really medicine anymore? Until more about the safety of vape pens is known, I will skip that electronic puff puff and just pass.


TwiceBaked Cannabis Epiphanies


For over one year I have posted here every week about cannabis and hemp. Until recently, that is. I’ve needed to take a little break to regroup in my brain what the point of me writing about cannabis is and create a renewed focus moving forward.

During my break I participated in two days of lobbying in Olympia for medical cannabis. It was there that I was opened up to a whole new world that I had never experienced before, live politics. There were a couple hundred medical cannabis patients and activists volunteering their time to persuade our government not to take away our rights. Being among that energy has its own power and I left each day feeling more clarity about what I am really doing with my little TwiceBaked in Washington blog.

I am here to let people from all demographics know that cannabis is safe. It is a safe and effective herbal medicine that can be used to treat a myriad of illnesses and ailments.

I feel passionate about the nutritional dietary value of not just raw cannabis that I currently need a doctor’s recommendation to eat but also raw organic hemp that I can buy at the grocery store. People need to know that hemp is easy to add to the foods that they already consume and because of it’s nutritional profile, it can be eaten as a complete meal all by itself.

I am also here as a cannabis patient who knows the value of sharing the benefits, challenges, and adventures that come with using cannabis as a medicine and food. Through my own experiences I can show how to use this amazing plant in all its forms because, lets face it, being a new patient (or an old patient) can feel overwhelming at times and there is always a lot to learn.

Since starting my blog I have met a tribe of people who have welcomed me into the cannabis culture with open arms. I have also opened more than one uncomfortable conversation with friends, family, and strangers who think cannabis is bad and chipped away at the giant myth and stereotype wall that exists around this plant. I want to continue that conversation. I want to empower others to have that conversation too.

So, until we meet again next week,


The CBD Bathtub Bliss Soak


The tea is brewed, music turned on, and the lights are turned down low. As the tub fills for my bliss soak, I sprinkle in spoonfuls of CBD bath salts and handfuls of epsom salts. The smell pushes my relaxation button.

I sink into the hot water and instantly take a big sigh. This is level one relaxation. I am here and nothing else matters right now. My mission is to relax and stay in here for at least 20 minutes to let my skin absorb CBD and magnesium from the salts. A timer was thoughtfully set in case I think I need to be doing something else before my 20 minutes is up.

I take a few minutes to settle in, breathe, and relax. This is holistic self care at its best. I’m not getting high, I’m getting calm. Tension and inflammation start melting away.

Getting CBD through my skin is one of my favorite delivery methods. I don’t have to eat or inhale anything, my skin does the job for me. 

Back to the bliss bath. I’m scrubbed up, hair is washed and now I am just waiting for the timer to go off. It is time to take it to the next level of relaxation. We add meditation. I remind myself that I have no where else to be that is more important than right here and focus on my breathing to relax a little bit more. I am able to find that bliss point where my body goes into full relaxation floating mode.

The timer goes off and I celebrate my ability to relax for 20 whole minutes by lingering in the tub for another 10. I get out of the bath feeling warm and good to the core that I have done something so nice for my body. I then proceed to crawl into bed and sleep like a log until sunrise.

Bliss can be found in a hot tub full of CBD infused water. Do something nice for yourself and find bliss.


The Sweetest Cannabis Farmer’s Market in the Whole MMJ Universe

photo 4

One of the best things that I discovered last year was the Cannabis Farmer’s Market at the MMJ Universe in Black Diamond, WA. What was initially a nice drive in the country to a safe access place to get high quality medicinal cannabis has become one of my favorite places to spend a little time on a weekend afternoon.

photo-2 photo-1 photo 1-1

This little weekend market allows cannabis patients to smell and see up close cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and anything else your cannabis related medicating needs may require. Each farmer brings their own expertise and experience in growing and using cannabis for their own ailments. The information that they posses is invaluable to other patients, like myself, who are seeking to understand all the variety of ways one can use cannabis. It is wonderful to be able to meet the people who grew and processed your medicine.

photo 1 photo 2-1 photo 5

Over the past year I have seen the market develop too. Now it is open on Sat and Sunday, the concentrates seem to have gotten better, there are more medibles available, and the choices for great topicals have really expanded too. Did I mention that they also offer massages and yoga classes? I haven’t been to one of their Sunday yoga classes yet but I did get a free 10 minute massage while listening to live music the last time I was there. It was lovely.

photo 5-1 photo 3 photo 2 photo 4-1 I’ve been able to meet some pretty wonderful people at this market, find quality cannabis medicines, and learn more about my medicating options than I ever thought possible. While the future of medicinal cannabis is still being shaped in Washington it is my sincere hope that provisions will be made for such a great venue to continue.

Maybe this weekend I’ll see you there!



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