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Cannabis Cured My Anxiety Attack


I had an anxiety attack this morning while making breakfast. It wasn’t about my impending day or the act of making breakfast but rather an intense internal negative feeling that came over my entire body. I started to shake, my heart started to race, and my breathing became shallow and tight. I may have dry heaved. Totally not normal. It is rare for me to get a full blown anxiety attack but this served as a reminder that I have a special brain and it requires daily attention.

I don’t like to say this out loud, but I am a fairly anxious person. I am plagued with a daily low level anxiety due to physiological stress that my body is under from a neuromuscular disorder. This little body of mine has been dealing with that type of constant stress since before I was even a teenager. I manage to keep a calm, cool, positive exterior but if you spend enough time with me you will be exposed to moments where the anxiety that dwells within my body escapes in various forms. It never feels pretty.

Right about now, I would like to interject that I hate writing about this. I hate letting you in on this part of me because it feels so negative and dark and I just don’t tell people this stuff. I much prefer spreading light but I know that somebody else out there is living with this most bizarre thing too and could benefit from feeling that they are not alone.

I am grateful to be aware of how special my brain is. I am very aware that it likes to send jacked up messages to my body all day long and tell it to do things a normal body is not supposed to do. It is very stressful on a level that is hard to explain to somebody who has never gone through it. I take this type of stress seriously because I know that it is the silent killer that would put me to my grave long before my spinal disorder ever could. This condition of mine benefits from cannabis because it calms down my inside self, allowing for a feeling of normal to exist.

How do I use cannabis for anxiety? Multiple ways…

First, let me say if you are eating or inhaling it specifically to manage anxiety, what strain you choose can be a big deal. Everybody reacts differently to different strains but for some people certain strains may actually increase feelings of anxiety. I personally  cannot recall any strain ever giving me anxiety but I’ve seen it in other people.

Delivery method makes a difference in how it works too. In the moment, I inhale. Within minutes, mental and often physical anxiety is relieved. For several hours of relief, a CBD or sativa dominant hybrid strain might be put into my food. If I have 20 minutes, I will take a medicated bath or apply a topical all over. When I have access to it, I will take raw cannabis daily which noticeably keeps my body in a generally calmer state.

Cannabis allows me to stay on track with the other powerful methods I use to manage anxiety and stress. Meditation, movement, nutrition, laughing enough, and getting sleep is key to dominating this chronic condition. If I don’t get enough of all of those, after a short time, you guessed it,  the internal anxiety grows and escapes.

If you medicate to relieve anxiety, may you never feel bad or ashamed for doing so. Stress is a killer, literally.

And…To all the people who look out for me and aid in my mission to live calmly, thank you.


The Cannabis Farmer’s Market With Healthy Habits

Sonshine Organics

Every Saturday, Sonshine Organics in Olympia, WA holds a medicinal cannabis farmer’s market. I dig this place. When you walk into the door you see a wall of fitness equipment behind the cannabis farmers who are there with various strains and medicines that they provide.

The vibe here is very different from other cannabis markets that I have been to. From the feeling of family, to the on-site chiropractor, and the free raw cannabis juice for market goers it becomes clear why the energy here is so uplifted. They are focused on health and bringing their own journey’s as patients to the community as a means to help themselves and others heal.

Within the market there is a medicating lounge and live music where patients can find the moral support to deal with their health conditions and heal together.

Beyond being a cannabis market they passionately recommend 7 doctors to everybody:  Sunshine, Air, Rest, Water, Exercise, Diet, and Cannabis. I love that.

Next weekend they are hosting Hempseed 2014. Hempseed is an annual alternative health and hemp education event that is open to the public and will include special performances by the very patients that Sonshine Organics serves, their cancer-surviving children.

Thank you, Sonshine Organics for being such powerful ambassadors for health, wellness, community, and cannabis.


Visiting Farmer Tom’s Organic Cannabis and Vegetable Farm

Farmer Toms's cannabis garden

For the past year, every time I have talked to Farmer Tom he has invited me down to visit his farm in Vancouver, Washington. This week I finally made the drive, and am I ever glad I did.

What used to be an old nursery in the country has become the spot that Farmer Tom and his wife call home. It is also the location that he grows food to feed multiple families and cannabis to afford the costs of operating such a farm.

When we got to his property, Farmer Tom took us on a walking tour of the cannabis and vegetable gardens and shared with us his methods for growing organically and sustainably. It was a delight to be able to see so many different varieties of cannabis and vegetables and experience what they look like as they grow.

I was impressed with the simplicity and calm of his operation. From just a few minutes of walking through the garden with Farmer Tom I was able to learn much from his decades of experience about how cannabis grows and a way of growing that I had never seen in person before.

I appreciate what Farmer Tom is doing with his farm. He is growing natural, organic medicine in the form of cannabis and vegetables and he is branding himself to swim in the world of marijuana business to save his farm from financial hardship so he will be able to continue feeding others and helping sick people.

Lately, he has also partnered with Kush Tours and opened up his farm to the public who can now come down to the farm and see it for themselves. The tour walks you through the whole farm and is about 90 minutes long.

Thank you Farmer Tom and your lovely wife for hospitably welcoming us, showing us what is possible with organic gardening, and sending us home with a cooler of delicious vegetables.


TwiceBaked Adventures with The Squares


I have to admit, in most circles, I often appear as a ‘square’. By ‘square’ I mean that I don’t look like the stereotypical stoner associated with marijuana use. The majority of my close friends, including The Boy, don’t use cannabis. However, since immersing myself into the cannabis culture I now have another social circle who is all about cannabis and I find my square looking world and the cannabis culture colliding more frequently.

Today was a prime example. I am hosting a lunch with my cannabis smoking friends, eating cannabis delectables, in a house that wreaks like cannabis. Just as the lunch is winding down a ‘square’ long-time professional aquaintance walks up to my front door with his teenage son. Now, this is a person who shows up randomly about once a year when he is in the neighborhood and today happened to be that day this year. As far as I know he would have no idea about why my house would be smelling like marijuana in the middle of the day or why I am having a cannabis luncheon. I met them outside so as to avoid exposing the child to such horrors and quite honestly to avoid having that conversation right then and there. Collision averted.

I guess this kind of stuff happens a lot when you juggle multiple social circles. Some of my clients don’t know or have only recently learned about this side of my life. I like to feel out the depth of cannabis conversation they might be ready for by recommending that they add hemp to their meals. I’m always surprised how many people shrug back at the idea of eating hemp because they are afraid it will make them high or put THC in their system and risk their livelihood. These are educated squares too. In the end they all eventually eat the hemp. 

I totally consider finding those moments where people see cannabis in a positive light for the first time as an amusing adventure. The key is not to cram it down their throat but be discreet and open to showing them how much it benefits you.



Raw Cannabis Flower and Hemp Pesto


I enjoy the taste of raw cannabis. It has a bold, spicy flavor that pairs well with other foods and herbs to enhance and add nutritive value to a good meal. While, at this time, I generally only eat raw cannabis leaves, every once in a while I am lucky enough to gain access to fresh edible cannabis flowers.

If you are eating the raw buds, it is suggested they be at the state where the trichomes are fully present and appear cloudy, not yet amber. Raw buds have a high concentration of cannabinoids in their acid form (ie, THCA) and when eaten fresh, with no heat applied, provide you many health benefits without the psychoactive action of THC.

Raw Cannabis Flower and Hemp Pesto

1C Basil

1C Parsley

3/4C Fresh, raw Cannabis buds (or fresh leaves)

1/4C hemp hearts

1/4C walnuts

3 cloves garlic

3T Lemon juice

1/3C hemp seed oil

salt and pepper

1)Put all ingredients into a food processor and blend until desired smoothness. If needed, add more lemon juice and/or hemp seed oil to thin the mixture out.

IMG_1854 IMG_1860

This little pesto paired as well with steak and cooked vegetables as it did with a fresh garden salad. Cannabis pesto on everything!



Why I Use Cannabis For Scoliosis

MMJ Lemon Lavender Hemp Cookies

When somebody by the name of SafeTdriver did something nice for me this week, I responded by wanting to make him some one-of-a-kind medicated cookies.

Now, some of you may know SafeTdriver. He has a YouTube channel where you can see him medicating with cannabis, creating original hemp macrome everything, and educating the world about how he has been able to get off of pharmaceutical drugs for Crohn’s disease.

SafeTdriver’s hemp work is beautiful and that is why I went to him looking for advice on how I might build a hemp boa. While all I was looking for was advice, instead of throwing me a suggestion he sent me a picture of the boa that he had already started for me. I kind of freaked out, in a good way.

What does one do for somebody who is building a piece that will be in my closet forever and with me on many, many adventures? I build them hemp cookies. Or in this case, medicated hemp cookies.

I needed to put a little thought into the ingredients since he does have Crohn’s disease and has a very sensitive digestive system. He kind of needs to eat the same as me except that he is sensitive to fiber. I asked him if he could tolerate the vegetable glycerin tincture and he told me that it was fine if he limited his sugar intake that day. Good to know.

Raw Lemon Lavender Hemp Cannabis Cookies

1/2C raw cashews, finely chopped

1/2C raw almonds, finely chopped

1/3C hemp hearts

1 lemon, juiced and zested

2 T maca

3T raw honey

4T chia seeds, soaked in about 1/4C water

1-25ml bottle of Cannabis and Lavender glycerin tincture (I used the whole thing)

1) Soak the chia seeds until they have absorbed all of the water. Add more if needed to create a thick pudding like consistency.

2) Combine all of the ingredients and mix well. Chill in the fridge.

3) Place all cookie dough on a piece of parchment paper and  form into a roll. Slice into cookies and place into a food dehydrator for about 7 hours.


I like how these turned out. Not too sweet or too tart and just the right amount of lavender. The hardest part was waiting for them to be done and hoping that they will be Safety approved.

I appreciate kind, creative people so much and love how they how they can go through this world peacefully spreading imagination and goodness.

SafeTdriver, thank you for bringing more positivity to this world while you hemp your way through it.

And, like he always says, “Do something nice for somebody, that shit will come back to you.”


Check out SafeTdriver’s YouTube channel and find his beautiful hemp work here:


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