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Fresh Cannabis Pulp, All The Healthy Kids Are Doing It

Fresh picked cannabis leaves.

Fresh picked cannabis leaves.

I get excited about having raw cannabis leaves during the summer growing season. Fresh picked they are so fragrant and plump I intuitively feel like I am about to make a good choice for my body if I eat them.

While frequently I will run leaves through a juicer to extract pure cannabis juice, I also like to simply put them into a blender with a little water or coconut water and make a pulp.

Fresh Cannabis Pulp

Fresh Cannabis Pulp

I store that pulp in the fridge and use it in smoothies and other yummy summertime beverages. It will keep in the fridge for about three days.

You can freeze the pulp in ice cube trays to preserve it further, but you will lose the live enzymes and affect the flavor.

Why blend and use the pulp over juicing? One reason is fiber. Bringing this superfood fiber into your nutrition will feed and “cleanse” your digestive system. When your digestive system is running right, your brain will run right.

Happy Raw Cannabis Blending!


Steamed Spice Hemp Milk

This morning I woke up feeling a little achey, my fingers and toes were freezing, and my energy was a little low. I decided to make a hot drink that would attempt to help my circulation, inflammation, and feed my soul.

I combined hemp milk and spices and turned them into a morning drink that is tasty and nourishing.

Steamed Spice Hemp Milk (2 servings)

1T turmeric

1T ginger

1T cinnamon

1/8t cardamom

2C hot water

1C steamed hemp milk

1) Blend the spices with the hot water.

2) Add spiced liquid to the steamed hemp milk.

3) Add honey to taste, if desired and enjoy immediately.

May this week bring us all more movement and better flexibility.


The Monkey Brain Hemp Smoothie

It is Monday Morning Motivation where smoothies are made for breakfast and I am able to focus on my goals for the week.

This smoothie is a thick banana and chocolate shake that is nutrient rich, high in protein, and healthy fats. This combination of flavors and nutrients satisfies me in the moment and it provides me with long lasting energy.

The Monkey Brain Shake

1 banana

1tsp maca powder

3 tbsp hemp protein powder

1T coconut oil

1T hemp seed oil

2T raw cacao powder

1-2C coconut water

1oz raw cannabis juice

1-3 ice cubes (optional)

1) Blend.

2) Drink.

Being Norml, Talking Weed On The Streets Of Seattle

This past weekend I met up with Ah Warner from Cannabis Basics on the streets of Seattle near Pike Place to represent Norml Woman’s Alliance Of Washington. We stood on the street for a few hours talking to people walking by about cannabis.

While there were people who would come and talk to us, there were also a lot of people who would look at what our sign said and then purposely divert their eyes so as not to have to maintain eye contact. And then I got a “Booo” by one man walking by which I found to be an interesting reaction.

The point of us being there was to normalize in public what people who use weed look, act, and talk like and also strike up a conversation with other “normal-looking” people about cannabis, a subject that is new for many of them.

Overall, it was a good afternoon. I appreciate being able to experience a whole other level of awareness by being with other people who have such a passion for this amazing cannabis plant.

MJBA Women’s Alliance “Power To Lead”: Powerful Women Leading By Example

The women, the power, the love.

The women, the power, the love.

This past week I attended ‘The Power To Lead’ hosted by the MJBA Women’s Alliance at the Red Lion in Bellevue, WA.  This was my first MJBA Woman’s Alliance event that I have been able to make and I was not disappointed.

After being warmly welcomed by Morgan, MJBA’s leading woman, the owner of Washington Bud Company, Shawn Denae, got on stage as the evening’s Mistress of Ceremonies.  We were graced with Shawn’s vibrant energy that took us on a journey through her personal stories of being in the cannabis industry while showering us with tidbits of inspiration and wisdom. She began by giving us an invaluable networking tip for the evening: “Be present with the people you are with and be curious about each other.”  At that point we all turned our mobile devices off and fully came into the room.

Next to speak was AC Braddock, CEO of Eden Labs.  I love being around this woman. As she stood on stage explaining that her company has grown by 400% she also authentically expressed how stressful it is to be the leader of a business that is growing so rapidly and how vital it is to lead with calmness. While this real live yogi stood there with beauty and grace, she told the room “You don’t know what you are capable of until you do it. So, do something- lead, follow, or get out of the way.” She also brought attention to the instant calm that she experienced when she entered the room that night regardless of the very stressful day she’d had.  I know the calm she is referring to. It’s like plugging yourself in for a recharge by just showing up and being present with a room of powerful, confident women who are leaders in their lives. Most women I talked to that night also told me that they had had a very challenging day and week but this night was exactly what they needed.

Shawn Denae came back on stage and said something that hit it all home: “Leadership is sweeping the floors when the floors need to be swept. It is vital to lead by example.” That simple concept felt like the common thread from everybody who spoke.

When Giana Lampreda of WAM Oil got on stage she gave her experience in the cannabis industry that many in the room could relate to…being surrounded by mostly men all day long and having to play a leadership role among men. Her advice was invaluable: “Let go of your ego to understand the insecurities of the people you are working with and you’ll discover a new way of doing things.” From a woman who has fought cancer with cannabis and daily is helping others fight for healthy lives, I couldn’t help but sit there in awe of how thankful I was to have known her power and for every single hug I have ever received from her.

After a ten minute break Diane Fornbacher, the publisher of Ladybud magazine, got on stage. Now, she is the reason I had been excited to be there in the first place. I’ve been a fan of her magazine, Ladybud, and the way that her eloquent use of words even just on social media sparks my imagination. At that point I couldn’t focus on taking pictures or anything else but absorbing every morsel she was about to spit out.

“Cannabis is the gateway to revealing ourselves to one another and the world.”

“The living death of a poet is not being able to express yourself.”

“What are we doing with our time as this person?”

“Who would I be if I gave up? Fuck That. ”

It was a wonderful thing to meet her and to see into her eyes. What a beautiful soul.

Next, Anne VanLaneSeal of NWMJ Law for the cannabis industry got on stage and reminded us to be passionate and deliberate on how we conduct ourselves in business. She also reminded us to lead by example and realize how important what we are doing is in this country right now. “Have big dreams and do not fear the challenges.” Thank you for saying those words. 

Last, but not least was Debbi Whitlock. This beautiful woman of sunshine got on stage and shared her heartwarming experience with cannabis topicals. She reminded us that our health is our capital and to care for ourselves.

At one point she asked the room to raise their hands if they feel like they had found their calling. Looking around the room almost every single hand was up in the air…including mine. It was a powerful moment worth pausing for. “Don’t stop before the magic happens.”

I’ve been in a lot of rooms with only women in them. While most women will be nurturing, welcoming, and loving toward each other this group was different. These are a different breed of women, if you will. They know what they want, they know how to stand in their power, and they are confident in what they do regardless of the challenges that come with speaking up for what you believe in.

To be surrounded by that energy is invaluable. Thank you MJBA Women’s Alliance for providing a space for me to be inspired by others of my breed.


Mom, My Brain Requires Cannabis

My Brain on Cannabis

This is a heavy topic filled with things that I don’t like to share. I write on because I know somebody else out there is dealing with this too and I want you to know that you are not alone. 

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve blogged here, which is not my style. I’m usually here every week.

Well, to be honest I’ve just not been into this lately.  It’s not that I have nothing to say or topics to write about, its that my brain has literally not been itself. The gray matter has been in a severe low forcing me to deal with life without fully being there for me. While I can say that it is functioning better today than it was yesterday, managing a brain that requires extra attention can be exhausting.

My brain has had to deal with migraines since I was 9 years old. Thankfully they are not everyday and I have been able to prevent them from happening very often with lifestyle and cannabis but reading studies that show a correlation between a number of horrible ailments like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s for people who get migraines sits heavy with me. That’s not a future I can accept.

My brain has had to deal with depression since I was young too. I’ll never forget the first time that I had suicidal thoughts at age 13 and then also thinking at the same time how strange that thought was since I love life. While I’ve found ways to manage depression it is still something that my brain is afflicted with from time to time. I take dark feelings seriously because I am fully aware of what being in a depressed state is doing for my future older brain.

My brain has also been sending my nervous system jacked up messages since I was a child. My musculoskeletal system is the perfect example of this. It developed with severe scoliosis, muscle spasms, and since a tender age I have actively worked on creating and maintaining balance and ease when I walk and move. Since childhood I have also had to deal with a feeling that is like my skin is crawling if I have to sit still for too long. It’s not painful per se, but it is so uncomfortable that pain is be easier to deal with.

In my world, cannabis is used as a tool to help me manage the chronic conditions of my brain. Regularly taking it raw has made a noticeable difference in the frequency of my migraines, depressions, and muscle spasms, like they become a distant memory. Inhaling cannabis calms my nervous system down and lifts me above depressions that my brain may be experiencing in the moment. Cannabis topicals ease and stop the muscle spasms and eases the funky nerve stuff.

The quest to take care of my very special brain requires listening without judgement to the messages it sends me and loving it with healthy food, positive stimulation, meditation to practice calm, and cannabis.

If you have a special brain too, may you find peace today.




Cannabis Cured My Anxiety Attack


I had an anxiety attack this morning while making breakfast. It wasn’t about my impending day or the act of making breakfast but rather an intense internal negative feeling that came over my entire body. I started to shake, my heart started to race, and my breathing became shallow and tight. I may have dry heaved. Totally not normal. It is rare for me to get a full blown anxiety attack but this served as a reminder that I have a special brain and it requires daily attention.

I don’t like to say this out loud, but I am a fairly anxious person. I am plagued with a daily low level anxiety due to physiological stress that my body is under from a neuromuscular disorder. This little body of mine has been dealing with that type of constant stress since before I was even a teenager. I manage to keep a calm, cool, positive exterior but if you spend enough time with me you will be exposed to moments where the anxiety that dwells within my body escapes in various forms. It never feels pretty.

Right about now, I would like to interject that I hate writing about this. I hate letting you in on this part of me because it feels so negative and dark and I just don’t tell people this stuff. I much prefer spreading light but I know that somebody else out there is living with this most bizarre thing too and could benefit from feeling that they are not alone.

I am grateful to be aware of how special my brain is. I am very aware that it likes to send jacked up messages to my body all day long and tell it to do things a normal body is not supposed to do. It is very stressful on a level that is hard to explain to somebody who has never gone through it. I take this type of stress seriously because I know that it is the silent killer that would put me to my grave long before my spinal disorder ever could. This condition of mine benefits from cannabis because it calms down my inside self, allowing for a feeling of normal to exist.

How do I use cannabis for anxiety? Multiple ways…

First, let me say if you are eating or inhaling it specifically to manage anxiety, what strain you choose can be a big deal. Everybody reacts differently to different strains but for some people certain strains may actually increase feelings of anxiety. I personally  cannot recall any strain ever giving me anxiety but I’ve seen it in other people.

Delivery method makes a difference in how it works too. In the moment, I inhale. Within minutes, mental and often physical anxiety is relieved. For several hours of relief, a CBD or sativa dominant hybrid strain might be put into my food. If I have 20 minutes, I will take a medicated bath or apply a topical all over. When I have access to it, I will take raw cannabis daily which noticeably keeps my body in a generally calmer state.

Cannabis allows me to stay on track with the other powerful methods I use to manage anxiety and stress. Meditation, movement, nutrition, laughing enough, and getting sleep is key to dominating this chronic condition. If I don’t get enough of all of those, after a short time, you guessed it,  the internal anxiety grows and escapes.

If you medicate to relieve anxiety, may you never feel bad or ashamed for doing so. Stress is a killer, literally.

And…To all the people who look out for me and aid in my mission to live calmly, thank you.



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