Making Cannabis Chocolates Without a Recipe

ImageThis weekend I made these very simple cannabis chocolates. I had gotten a 1mL tube of cannabis concentrate from a lady at the Cannabis Farmer’s Market who I talked with for a long time about the purity of her product and the process she uses to make it. I appreciated that she had gotten her products tested for potency and was striving to get it tested for purity when that becomes available to her next month. 

I have used this type of concentrate before and I love it. The medicine has already been activated so it is ready to ingest right from the tube, it is very potent, and it is very effective for my pain. It takes about an hour or two before I get the full effect but then that lasts for several hours. 

Back to the chocolates. So, I get home with my little tube of medicine and decide it is a good idea to make it into chocolates. I do not however have a recipe for making dairy free cannabis chocolates and I am not in the mood to look up other people’s recipes. I decide to be adventurous and wing it instead. 

The lady at who made the concentrate told me she would probably get about 20 cookies from one tube (or 1mL). I did a little math, which is not usually my forte, and decided to do 18 chocolates with .9mL. 

I melted 1/3C of dairy free dark chocolate chips, and about 2T of coconut oil in a little pot. Once melted I took it off the heat and stirred in the medicine. Once it was fully mixed I poured little spoonfuls of chocolate on a sheet of wax paper and put them in the fridge to set. While waiting I proceeded to lick out the pot with a giant smile on my face.

They came out pretty great! Melt in your mouth but firm enough to be left on the counter without being a melty mess. Did I mention they are delicious? I stored them in an airtight container in the freezer. 

The real test was the next day. I took half a chocolate first thing in the morning to test its potency. Even half was strong enough to relax my body and ease my pain without feeling high. The next day I took a whole one and while that wasn’t too much but it was definitely much stronger. Day three, I am taking half in the morning and maybe half this evening. Everyday is different, right? 

I was pretty happy they turned out so well. Next time I make cannabis chocolates I might try adding nuts, take out the sweetener, and then use an actual mold to make them a little more pretty.  I have about 16 more days of this chocolate cannabis medication bliss. 

Until next time…Eat Your Greens!


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