Different Strains for Different Pains


This week I have been schooled about cannabis like never before. It turns out that the type of cannabis strain you use for medicine matters! I was really trying to avoid the subject of strains because it seems like there are a million different kinds of cannabis and, to be honest, I was overwhelmed by it. I mean really, it all kind of does the same thing, right?

I was totally wrong. I knew of and could feel the difference between strains but didn’t fully understand the implications of what this means when you are using it medicinally. 

The first lesson I learned was from the high CBD chocolates that I made last weekend. These really packed a punch and were great for pain but made me a little sleepy. Not the most perfect thing for a daytime medicine. They are great, however, for night time pain remedy and restful sleep or taken in smaller doses during the day. 

The next lesson I learned is that it can be a good thing to vary your strains. Choosing a higher THC strain during daytime will give a more energetic effect and a higher CBD strain for pain and relaxation, ideal for nightime. I know there is way more to it than just that but for right now it feels like I’m at least starting to grasp this concept much better and can actually apply it for more effective medicating. 

The final thing I learned about cannabis this week is to try different methods of ingestion for your particular issues. There are so many different ways to use cannabis as medicine: Dry medicine, oils, waxes, edibles, drinks, topicals, bath salts, tinctures, etc. I’ve tried most of these methods and have learned that each one is unique for what it can help me with. The key is to use quality products. 

I am currently aiming for a mix of vaporizing, topicals, and homemade gluten-free/vegan edibles. Vaporizing for times when I need relief now, not two hours from now. Edibles for long-lasting pain relief and topicals for…well, I’m really new to topicals so I’m still testing what works for me.

Until next time…Eat your Greens (with a splash of oil.)

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