Totally Twicebaked: Lessons of a Medible Rookie

420 medicine plan

Ok, so I am not a total rookie when it comes to medibles, but even with two years experience of eating my medicine I was recently taught a valuable lesson that I’m sure most medicinal cannabis patients experience at some point. I simply ate too much of a very potent medible.

The day before I had gone to the Cannabis Farmer’s Market in Black Diamond and found two kinds of cannabis concentrate, one that was high in THC (for day) and one that was high in CBD’s (for night.) I had used the CBD one before so I was familiar with its effects (and it was awesome but definitely for p.m.).

Sunday morning I rose bright and early and made a batch of cannabis chocolates with the new daytime concentrate. I then proceeded to lick the bowl clean. I mean, not licking it would be a waste, right? Actually, licking the bowl wouldn’t have been so bad but I proceeded to also eat one entire chocolate as well without enough time between. Total rookie mistake.

Now, anybody who has eaten their cannabis will tell you that you should take it slow and have patience with medibles. Try a little and if you don’t feel anything in an hour or two, THEN take some more. My mistake was thinking I would be just fine eating that much since I have never had an issue of getting too baked on medibles before. I was wrong.

I had eaten the chocolate around 10am and about an hour later I had a whole new perspective on the world. While I felt very relaxed and pain-free, I was also a tad spacey and my eyes were really red. The boy took one look at me and said, “Whoa, you looked really baked.” At that point all I could do was go with it because there was no masking my state and it lasted the whole entire day.  Happily it wasn’t a negative experience but it did give me a whole new respect for the power of my medication. I wouldn’t be able to function on a long term basis being that baked. As with most things in life, it’s all about balance.

The next day I felt very cautious about how much to eat but did the smart thing and started with only 1/4 of a chocolate to find my right dosage. Over the next week I have been experimenting with my new medibles to figure out what is the least amount of medicine necessary and seeing if taking it at different times of the day will make a difference in my pain management.

Patience is key when waiting for your medibles to kick in so you don’t eat too much too soon. It helps a great deal to consciously plan ahead what time you will take your medicine. If you know that it takes a full two hours before you are going to get relief then try to plan accordingly. It certainly takes experimentation to  figure out what time to take medicine and what dosage is right for you on any given day. It helps to have a consistent product that you have used before so that you can eliminate much of the guesswork and just get to healing.

Until next time…Eat your Greens…with deep respect for what it’s doing for you.


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