Eat Your Greens, Marijuana Style


Like most people I know, my experiences with eating marijuana before becoming a mmj patient were limited to eating brownies with friends at the odd party or on camping trips. I didn’t know anything about how to make them or where to get them. However, that changed drastically once I started using cannabis for pain management.

When I got my mmj recommendation a friend gave me a gift package of medicated treats to try from the dispensary where he worked. There were medicated lollipops, gummy bears, candies, chocolates, infused butter, truffles, cookies, tincture, Rice Krispie squares, and body lotion. I tried it all. I can tell you that it was the most fun experiement that I have had to do for my spinal issues to date. I became a whole new person that could move easier and had a much brighter outlook on the world and my health situation.

About two weeks into trying everything it became apparent to me that I needed to be making my own medibles. The side of me that likes to eat healthy wasn’t pleased with the quality of the medibles available to me. There was no question that they worked well for pain and were delicious but I wanted to be able to consume my medicine without also having sugary treats every single day. I’m trying to live healthy here! It was also around that time that I discovered my allergies to gluten and dairy. That also erased 99% of the medibles that are available in dispensaries. Most were not labeled well and therefore not to be trusted when dealing with food allergies.

So, I started making my own infused coconut oil and tinctures. I would use the coconut oil in my cooking, baking, or just take a little spoonful straight down the hatch. I would use the tinctures in my tea or would do a “pot shot” with a serving of tincture plus a little juice, water, or pickle juice (I know, weird) in a shot glass. I did that for about a year.

These days I have access to many more quality options from people who have been doing this much longer than me. I have found concentrates that I can slip in my food or tea, infused peanut butter, infused teas, cannabis capsules, and even somebody who makes amazing gluten-free, vegan treats. It feels good to have different medicine options that easily fit in with my health needs.


My current medibles: capsules, tea, peanut butter, and concentrate. All sugar free!

There are some big advantages to using medibles. For one, they last a really long time- like 6-8 hours per dose. They also allow you to take your medicine quickly and discreetly anywhere you happen to be. They are ideal for pain because of the lovely dose of cannabinoids that relax the body, reduce inflammation, and relieve muscle spasms. Eating your medicine does not make you super “high” unless you consume too big of a dose. It more so relaxes your body and makes you feel happier. At least that’s what it does for me.

I have found two downsides to eating my medicine. First, it can take 1-2 hours to fully feel it take effect. However, with a little planning I can usually predetermine when the best time is to medicate. For example, I know that mornings are the time of my day where I experience the most pain. So, rather than taking my medicine when I get up and waiting for two long hours for relief, I will keep a small quick dose on my nightstand and take it two hours before I plan to get up. It eases the process of getting out of bed and allows me to determine if I need to layer another dose in with my breakfast. It’s all about planning ahead with medibles. The only other disadvantage is figuring out dosing. It can be easy to eat too much and overmedicate especially when you are trying a new batch of something or an unfamiliar medible. But, those things can all be fixed with something called portion control, restraint, and patience. All things that I have been taught from eating my medicine.

I love being able to use a medicine that is so versatile. It can be a pick-me-up morning cup of tea, part of a gourmet meal, or a sweet treat. It can even be a quick capsule just gulped down. The options are becoming endless and delicious.

Until next time, Eat Your Greens!


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  1. thats one pricey salad hahaha

  2. Posted by heather on September 12, 2013 at 10:11 am

    if you dont have ins. medication (pills) can be double or triple the expense of going the natural way so a pricey salad is worth it to me and not killing yourself with the pills is an added bonus!!! thanks for the 411.

  3. If food is thy medicine then may you always stay well fed. Thank you for reading.

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