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Finding Balance With Daily Cannabis Medicating


I was initially kind of nervous to write about this subject for some reason. I actually got a pit in my stomach as I was writing, so you know it must be a little bit of a sensitive subject for me.

Over the past couple of weeks I seem to be having the same the conversation with other MMJ patients about finding balance within taking their cannabis medicine. It would seem that many of us may have developed habits around our medicine. We will medicate when we need to but sometimes we also medicate just because we can.

I think this is one of the toughest things that I have had to work on since becoming a cannabis patient.  I was using cannabis for entertainment and  escape long before I ever used it for physical ailments. Now, while I am using it for my physical ailments, I find that sometimes the habits of using it for fun can creep into my daily lifestyle. Is that a bad thing? I somehow feel guilty that I would use cannabis just for fun. Actually its more like that I feel guilty for having fun several times a day. It happens, ok? I try to flow with the occasional challenges of daily habitual use and be grateful to use a medicine that  helps me in every way deal with the heaviness of my condition and not make me sick.

I have felt stuck in a pattern more than once as a MMJ patient where I am taking medicine out of habit and pleasure not because I might need extra pain relief. If you are a long-term cannabis user, you likely know what I’m talking about. It’s certainly not a bad thing to utilize all of the ways to use cannabis or to be using it daily.  I find that when I pay attention to my body’s true needs, and forgive myself if I happen to use cannabis for fun I am able to create the balance that seems to get lost once in a while. Here are a few things that have helped me to work on balancing my cannabis medicating:

1) I keep a journal of when, where, why, what, and how often I am medicating. This immediately brings into perspective how much I am using and gives me a better idea of what I might want to change.

2) I set goals. I create a plan for what I would like my ideal cannabis use to look like and then strive for it.

3) I ask for support from the friends and family who can lift me up if I’m ever I’m struggling. This is key. Seek out people who won’t judge you and tell them what you are trying to accomplish. Then, actually rely and call on them for support.

4) I diversify the people I spend time with. If all your friends also use cannabis the odds are that you will be using it more too. If you are trying to use it less you might want to pepper in a few more friends who don’t use cannabis. 

5) If you are trying to change a sticky habit, sometimes you might also have to change a few other things too. Take an honest look at what else in your life might also be needing more balance.

Try having compassion for yourself. You should never have to feel bad for medicating with cannabis to relieve your ailments or negative mental states. If possible though, create space to also compassionately give your body a rest from regular medicating patterns.

Back to the pit in my stomach of being this honest. I’ve been working on changing my own cannabis usage patterns over the past couple of weeks. Since  starting raw cannabis over a month ago I haven’t needed to use as much of my other medicine. However, my habitual use patterns that were based on how I was feeling a month ago were staying strong in my daily life. It’s taken a little adjusting but I am feeling the positive effects from even just the first small changes. I’ve been able to break away from a few of my patterns that were no longer serving me or my health and create a more positive relationship with my cannabis medicine. How awesome is that?

Until Next Time…Stay Compassionate.


The Cannabis Garden Tour


I was recently offered a garden tour by a local cannabis farmer. I jumped at the opportunity. In all of years that I have been taking cannabis I have only ever had quick glimpses of actual gardens or seen pictures. In jest, my tour guide promised that I wouldn’t have to wear a blindfold to get to the gardens but his joke made me ponder on how much things are changing in the world of cannabis, at least in Washington State.

I was taken for a three hour tour to view a few different gardens. I got to see a variety of strains during different phases of growth and started to make sense of the stuff that I’ve been reading in books. It was a little delight for the senses. The plants were beautiful, smelled amazing, and somehow emitted a very peaceful feeling.

IMG_0775 IMG_0771

I quickly got an essence of the serious amounts of effort, commitment, and time that goes into taking care of each plant.  There is no vacation for the cannabis farmer during growing season, they have to tend their garden every single day. For a girl who’s greatest gardening feat was growing cilantro and spaghetti squash, I deeply admire this about people who grow things.


It would seem that growing a plant is one thing, but growing a plant that is going to be used medicinally is a whole other game. I came away from my tour with a much deeper appreciation for the people who are involved with providing medicinal cannabis. They deeply care about what they are doing and have big passion for their plants and the people that they help.


It is a beautiful thing to be offered a tour of somebody’s garden. You get to have a glimpse of one way that they enjoy nature while doing something that is very important to them.

For somebody who uses cannabis to live a better life, I find it really exciting to be in Washington State during a time where legal growers can provide to MMJ patients and in the near future could also be supplying to a recreational market.

Thanks to the farmer who opened his gardens up to me and expanded all my views on cannabis. I loved it!

Until Next Time…Have a Happy and Safe 4/20!


Raw Cannabis and Kale Salad


I’m going to make this short and sweet. I love eating kale. Love it. I also love eating cannabis. LOVE IT!

As of tomorrow I have been eating raw cannabis for one month. As of this morning I barely had any pain when putting my clothes on. One month ago I was struggling in pain to get dressed every morning. Now I can see a brighter future than the one that involved me wearing my clothes to bed or being a frozen nudist just to avoid the pain from trying to put the bottom stuff on.

Not only has there been a significant pain reduction but I feel more positive about everything. Depression is now something that other people seem have instead of me. My life has not suddenly become rainbows and moonbeams but I somehow feel more equipped to handle the heaviness that comes with having chronic health issues. It’s nice how things can change when pain decreases.

As part of my quest to inspire others to eat well and try raw cannabis, I give you a raw kale and cannabis salad that has lately become one of my most favorite ways to feel nourished and deliver my medicine.

Raw Kale and Cannabis Salad (makes about 2-3 servings)

3C kale, stemmed and torn into bite size pieces 

1 avocado

1 lemon

1 carrot, julienned (or whatever)

1 apple, cored and chopped

1/3C basil, chopped

1/3C raisins

1/3C pumpkin seeds

10 raw cannabis leaves, stems removed and chopped


1) Massage the avocado and lemon juice into the kale.

IMG_0736 IMG_0743

2) Toss in the rest of the ingredients. Mix. Serve.


Yes, this makes a complete meal. Kale fills me up. Cannabis lifts me up. How very delicious!

Until next time… Eat Your Greens.


My First Two Weeks Eating Raw Cannabis


Two weeks ago I started eating raw cannabis. This has been a dream of mine ever since I was enrolled in nutrition school and heard David Wolfe, a raw food expert, speak about the advantages of eating a raw food diet. During his presentation he happened to mention how cannabis was one of the most superior plants for nutrition on the planet and described with passion and delight how amazing it is to eat. I immediately wanted to be eating leaves on my salad but it hasn’t been until recently that I found access to raw cannabis. It’s not like you can buy it with the kale at a grocery store and most cannabis farmers seem to use the rest of the plant for making MMJ concentrates.


I was told that for the first few days of me taking the raw juice that I might feel kind of gross as it has a detoxifying effect on the body. That is exactly what happened. I had a headache for 5 days and my digestive system got worked over. I felt like crud. Towards the end of the first week, though, everything started feeling better.

I noticed that my back pain in the morning wasn’t as bad and getting dressed was not quite as difficult. I would say that my overall pain dropped by 1/3! I’ve been feeling more motivated to exercise and my energy has increased. My mood has been on a steady “happy” for about the past week.

The other thing that I have noticed so far is that my tolerance for my other cannabis medicine has gone way down. My overall use has dropped in half not because I am trying to use less, I just don’t seem to need as much. That is a totally new experience and it feels great.

So far, I have been taking about 1 ounce of raw juiced flower and leaves and eating about 7-10 leaves per day. In the juiced form it tastes like a really torquey wheatgrass shot and is the most beautiful color of green. To eat the leaves, I have been chopping them up and mixing them in with my salads or blending them in smoothies. They have a mild flavor that combines nicely with other raw herbs and vegetables. It feels like I have just upgraded my entire nutrition regime by adding dietary cannabis. Did I mention there are no psychoactive effects like you get from smoking cannabis or eating a cooked medible? I just feel more clear and energized.


My initial goal was to try it for two weeks. Well, I made that goal and I don’t want to stop. My next goal is to stick with it for 40 days. I am still learning more about using cannabis everyday and this experience is changing the way I look at my medicine and how I can get the most from this amazing plant.

Just when I thought marijuana couldn’t get any better it goes and does this to me. Thanks Mary Jane.

Until next time…Eat your greens.



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