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I was recently offered a garden tour by a local cannabis farmer. I jumped at the opportunity. In all of years that I have been taking cannabis I have only ever had quick glimpses of actual gardens or seen pictures. In jest, my tour guide promised that I wouldn’t have to wear a blindfold to get to the gardens but his joke made me ponder on how much things are changing in the world of cannabis, at least in Washington State.

I was taken for a three hour tour to view a few different gardens. I got to see a variety of strains during different phases of growth and started to make sense of the stuff that I’ve been reading in books. It was a little delight for the senses. The plants were beautiful, smelled amazing, and somehow emitted a very peaceful feeling.

IMG_0775 IMG_0771

I quickly got an essence of the serious amounts of effort, commitment, and time that goes into taking care of each plant.  There is no vacation for the cannabis farmer during growing season, they have to tend their garden every single day. For a girl who’s greatest gardening feat was growing cilantro and spaghetti squash, I deeply admire this about people who grow things.


It would seem that growing a plant is one thing, but growing a plant that is going to be used medicinally is a whole other game. I came away from my tour with a much deeper appreciation for the people who are involved with providing medicinal cannabis. They deeply care about what they are doing and have big passion for their plants and the people that they help.


It is a beautiful thing to be offered a tour of somebody’s garden. You get to have a glimpse of one way that they enjoy nature while doing something that is very important to them.

For somebody who uses cannabis to live a better life, I find it really exciting to be in Washington State during a time where legal growers can provide to MMJ patients and in the near future could also be supplying to a recreational market.

Thanks to the farmer who opened his gardens up to me and expanded all my views on cannabis. I loved it!

Until Next Time…Have a Happy and Safe 4/20!


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  1. I live in Ohio, but have been smoking marijuana for a couple years because of Fibromyalgia. I love your blog, because it makes me feel less of a criminal. Thank you for doing this!

  2. As a grower or former grower (recently had to quit due to living arrangements that are out of my control) I can definitely agree that time seems to just slip away when you are in the garden. You are extremely lucky that someone let you into their garden, in these times, it is still a very private part of life for patients. In some ways that makes it better. With the fans going, the lights humming, you literally step into another time and space. It is where everything is just as it should be (except the plants should be outside in the sun) but the plants never complain. Those are some impressive grow rooms imho…a grow room filled with almost finished plushberry is the best smell ever.

  3. Thank you for reading and for your kind words. Knowing that what I am doing here is positively affecting somebody with Fibromyalgia in Ohio really fires my passion to keep going. Warmest Spoonie hugs to you!

  4. I love how clearly passionate you are about cannabis. It’s a beautiful thing. 🙂

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