When Cannabis Gives You the Munchies


As you may know, taking cannabis can stimulate your appetite. In some cases that is totally awesome. You can gain weight and even enjoy your food on a new level. In other cases this is not so awesome because you can gain weight and enjoy your food on a new level. I have experienced both sides of the munchie coin.

During my first month as a cannabis patient I gained a bunch of weight that I didn’t need. I frequently felt like I was eating all of the food in my house. (Did I mention that I really like food?) Over time that seemed to balance itself out but during that segment when my body was already holding on to too much weight it felt a little daunting to think that I seemed to have no control over my appetite.

On the other hand there have been times that I have needed to gain weight and have been able to use the munchies as an advantage to do so.  It is really hard to eat when you have no appetite or feel cruddy. Cannabis can help that by not only stimulating your appetite but also enhancing the pleasure of eating.

Having experienced the munchies both as a positive experience and a challenge has taught me some tricks.

1) I have learned that certain cannabis strains are more likely to give you the munchies than others. Do your homework, try different strains, and find out which ones will suit your needs the best.

2) Consider your cannabis delivery method. I have found that eating cannabis does not stimulate the appetite as much as smoking or vaporizing. See if that is the same for you. One word of caution about medibles and appetite: If your medibles (or food) contain sugar, the sugar alone will stimulate your appetite, make you crave more sugar and possibly cause you to clean out your cupboards looking for it. It’s not always the cannabis affecting your appetite.

3) Plan your food. Keep your cupboard and fridge stocked with food that makes your body feel good and that is easy to prepare. If you are trying to avoid unhealthy foods than make every effort to keep it out of the house. If you are anything like me, self-control is a cute theory. If there is any junk food in the house, I will always go for it first. I find success in this area when my fridge is stocked with healthy food I could eat all day without taxing my body and digestive system.

4) I try to remember how big my stomach actually is. Put two fists together and that is supposedly the size of your stomach. Uh, I can eat a lot more than that but it is a helpful way to remember that it is not necessary to eat more than I should.

5) Take advantage of your cannabis experience by slowing down and really enjoying your food. Chew every bite well. Breathe. Relax. This simple tip helps your body digest your food better and allows you to be a more conscious of what you eat and how it makes you feel.

6) If eating too much is a concern for you, try keeping a food journal. Write down the time, what you ate, and how you were feeling at the time. It can also be helpful to keep track of what cannabis strains you are using and how it affects your appetite.

7) Drink water. Sometimes when you feel hungry, you are actually thirsty. I find cannabis dehydrating so keeping my water tanks full remains a big priority.

The bottom line is to consistently set yourself up for nutritional success. It’s all about making sure that your body is being fed the nutrients that you need so you can have energy, reduce inflammation, and feel well.  The munchies happen, its all in how you deal with it.

Until next time…Eat your greens and be happy.


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  2. Posted by Dos Flores on June 29, 2013 at 8:48 pm

    I understand that individual reactions vary, but can you name some varieties that have given you less trouble with munchies?
    I have had gastric bypass surgery, and just got a scrip for insomnia – trying to break a nightly Trazodone habit – but if the munchies are bad, I can literally make myself sick.

    Any tips on either low-munchie strains or specific strains to avoid would be helpful, even just a a starting point…

  3. Hi Dos Flores,
    My personal experience is that a high CBD strain like Harlequin or Sour Tsunami where the THC is low does not give me the munchies at all. When I take Sativa dominate strains with high THC, I can get a bad case of the munchies and eat everything in my house. I also seriously recommend that you avoid sugar while you are medicating with cannabis- if that’s one of your body’s addictions, that stuff will send you into feeding frenzy all by itself. I really feel for you dealing with the munchies after a gastric bypass. Be kind to yourself. And thank you so much for reading.

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