Marijuana Brownies are So Last Year: New MMJ Products!


This weekend I found four new cannabis edibles at the farmer’s market that not only work with my food allergies but fit in with my lifestyle better than the traditional marijuana brownie or sugary junk medibles that I wouldn’t consider medicine if I was dying. I know Mary Poppins told us to wash our medicine down with a spoonful of sugar, but you can’t trust that witch no matter how awesome of a babysitter she would have been.

Four New products I found this weekend. (and my humble reviews):

Zombie Juice. (pictured above) A green drink made with fruits, veggies, and superfoods combined with 150mg of Pure n-Tane Honey Oil (a cannabis concentrate). I drank just under half of the bottle first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I could feel the effects within about 40 minutes. The juice had a mildly heady effect (but pleasant), very physically relaxing, and allowed me to comfortably get everything I needed to get done through the day with good energy. I could taste the cannabis oil in it enough to remind me that I was taking medicine, almost like a tomato aftertaste that I didn’t love. Overall, an effective and lovely day was had. I drank the other half the next morning and had a similar effect only it didn’t seem to have the same aftertaste that I didn’t love the first day, it tasted just like a green drink and the effects were just as potent as the first day. Not sure what was going on with my tastebuds for it to be so different from day one to day two but that is what I experienced.


Cannabis Comfort Chewing Gum: Created by a woman who was inspired by her sick grandfather to make a non-toxic medicated chewing gum that could also provide relief from severe dry mouth. I popped a piece in and chewed it for about an hour even though I really only needed to chew it for about 15-20 minutes. The effects were mellow, relaxing, and uplifting. I love how very stealth this delivery method is. It doesn’t taste or look like cannabis, it feels like gum and it lasts longer than you need to chew it for to get the medicinal benefits. Kudo’s to you, Cannabis Comfort, this is a great product!


Coco Canna Taco Chips: Made with Cannabis infused coconut oil and gluten free! Plus the dosing portion was small enough that you could eat them in a minute and get the medication process going. I’m not a big fan of savoring my cannabis medibles. I am taking them to be medicated and want the effects to usually kick in as soon as possible. The chips smell a little of cannabis and have a slight aftertaste, but the taco flavor was good and the chips were beautifully crispy. Perfect with a little guacamole. I tried these in the afternoon. They have a blend of sativa and indica cannabis which gave an uplifting effect without putting me on the couch. Very nice.


Meditiva medicated mouth Spray. I was skeptical about this one but tried it none the less. 3-4 sprays under the tongue. I felt the effects in about 20 minutes. It tasted good and gave a full body, relaxing effect with an uplifting mood. Over the past couple days this has become one my new favorite medicine choices. I love that it is stealth, takes 2 seconds to take and you can feel the effects quickly. Kind of genius, if you ask me. Wish I would have gotten more than one bottle although it looks like I’ll get quite a few servings out of the little bottle that I got.


This brings me to a quick update on the Bhang Cannabis tonic that I tried last week before realizing it had gluten containing ingredients. I randomly met somebody from the company and told them my experience. He said he would investigate into it more and felt sure that they used dried barley and rye grasses which, in theory, would not contain the gluten protein. Not sure if he will really look into and I have’t heard from him since but I appreciated his kind response and wanted to share that with you too.

So maybe the world of cannabis medibles is getting better for a bubble girl like me who doesn’t eat gluten, dairy, eggs, or sugar which is found in most products. The options are getting wider for us health conscious people who are actually using cannabis as to improve our health. That is a beautiful thing.

I’m feeling pretty grateful this week to have so many good MMJ options right now.


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  1. Posted by Anna Mascio on June 7, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    Hello. I love what you’re doing and would love to meet with you. I represent a new company that is in the edibles business and would love to have you taste our products. Please let me know the best way of contacting you and I’ll get you some samples.
    Thank you and am excited about hearing from you!
    Anna Mascio
    Evergreen Herbal

  2. Hi Anna. It’s nice to connect with you here. I look forward to hear more about your creations. Keep your eyes peeled on your twitter DM for my contact info. Talk to you soon!

  3. Posted by Ann Mascio on June 8, 2013 at 3:52 am

    Thank you bella! I hope we meet sooner than later……

    Until then.

    Be Fabulous as you are!


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  5. Posted by Anna Mascio on June 10, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    Got it girl and looking forward to it!

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