Combining Cannabis with Exercise: Good Idea or Bad Idea?


Exercise has never felt like an option for me. If I don’t move daily, I can quickly fall into a dark place where chronic pain makes moving feel too hard to do and I tumble into a perpetual story about how I am in too much pain to move so I try not to do too much. This is a bad place to reside and I do not recommend getting sucked into it. I try not to judge others who happen to be in that place… in pain, able to move some, but not doing enough of the right things because of fear, no will, or no education. I’m here to tell you that even if you can only move a little, you should still be doing something daily.

Before I get too far into how awesome it has been for me to mix cannabis and exercise I would like to remind everybody that if you are new to cannabis or exercise, I recommend knowing how each of these is by itself before you ever combine the two. Cannabis affects your heart rate and your blood pressure as does exercise so it is wise to make sure that both together is really a good idea for you before you decide to medicate and go to the gym. Also, be aware of how the cannabis strain that you are taking will affect you as each one can be different. I recommend trying a high sativa strain for your energetic exercising needs.


Cannabis is a tool that I have used to get more out of my workouts for quite a while. I first combined the two during a time in my life where I lived at the gym, travelled by bicycle, and would start stretching anywhere I happen to be if I was in one place long enough. The two together felt like a match made in heaven. I had amazing mental focus and was able to feel and isolate everything in my body during my workouts. Being able to tune into your body while you are working out allows you to get so much more out of that experience and achieve better results. Really, you don’t need cannabis to do this for you but it can be used this way.

The first time that I combined cannabis with yoga was a spiritual experience for me more so than yoga had ever been up to that point. Not only was I able to really focus on my body but I was given the ability to relax enough to feel everything else that comes up in yoga. When I added friends to the experience we named it “Green Yoga”  and girl’s night became our time to stretch, laugh, and do something positive for each other and ourselves.


Ahhh, memory lane. Let me be more real here for a minute. I wish I was just using cannabis for a lovely workout and mental focus. Cannabis serves a much bigger purpose for me now. I use it for relief of chronic pain so I can move. And then…I take full advantage of every single second that moving feels good. I walk, I dance, I stretch, I strengthen, and I breathe. There can be no more excuses when the pain is relieved because that was the only thing slowing me down before.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been having Bowen therapy for my spine and the process, while not painful, is physically uncomfortable and it leaves me feeling clumsy and needing to reeducate my body how to move with balance. I’ve humbly been reminded of how easy it is to take for granted being able to move with ease and grace. I’ve also been excited for the challenge because the therapy is doing exactly what it is supposed to. The rest is up to me to make sure that I am helping my body by keeping it mobile and healthy.

Right now using cannabis to help me exercise is a good idea. My doctor suggested I medicate to stay comfortable while my body goes through its adjustments. It is helping to keep my muscles relaxed, relieving the unbearable moments of feeling-trapped-in-your-body discomfort, and mentally uplifting me through these challenges. Ah yes, and it’s keeping me moving to the point that most people in my daily life would never know that I ever struggle to move like anything but Gumby.

Dear Cannabis,

Thank you so much for this. XO…




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