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Let’s Rub Cannabis Into Our Skin And Feel Better


When I first tried a cannabis infused body lotion I was kind of disappointed. I mean, I knew I wasn’t going to get high from it but I honestly was expecting it to relieve my back pain to some degree. I had heard other people’s stories of rubbing it onto aching muscles and joints and experiencing relief and I kind of hoped it would be like that for me too, only it wasn’t like that at all.  I didn’t experience any relief like those people had. I rubbed it on my back several times but I didn’t feel like it did anything for me so I slowly quit using it.

It wasn’t until some time later when I started learning about the body’s endocannabinoid system and discovered that one way you can feed this system is by using cannabis topically, allowing your skin to absorb the compounds that activate receptors in your body to reduce pain and inflammation, improve immune function, relieve depression and anxiety, etc.

Once I understood the benefits of using this cannabinoid delivery method my entire outlook on topicals changed and I decided to give them another try. The awesome part was that I was able to start right in my kitchen and topically apply the medicated cooking oils I happened to already have in the pantry.


I have tried a number of different pre-made lotions as part of a mini-quest to find one that one amazing topical. I’ve actually found a number of really good ones. So far, they are all a little different. Some are green, some are white, some smell like cannabis, some are scented, and some have no smell at all. I personally try to stick to products that have their ingredients listed and are chemical free.

I have a migraine salve that I have actually used during a headache and while I can’t say that it took the migraine away, it did hold it at bay for me to be able to eat, medicate, and get to bed. I found a really great massage oil that will literally make me sigh in relaxation about 15 minutes after putting it on. I also have a lotion that is allergen and scent free which my face absolutely loves.

I’ve heard of people using topicals to treat skin cancer, growths, joint and muscle pain, and neuropathy just to name a few things. It’s rather remarkable what your body is able to do with cannabis and that it can do it through the skin.


To apply a body topical for maximum CBD absorption:

1) Take a nice hot shower or bath and exfoliate the skin. This cleans the skin of waste and opens the pores.

2) Apply your topical lotion or oil all over.


It has been suggested that I apply topicals morning and night for maximum benefits. I don’t usually put lotions on my skin every single day so getting into the routine of using a topical even once a day has taken a little bit of dedication but I’m sticking with it. You know, part of that self-compassion mumbo jumbo.

I look forward to the day that these products are readily available everywhere skin care products are sold. Until then, may those of us who can, rub cannabis into our skin and feel better.


Finding Cannabis Edibles With Standards


Cannabis tea with a keif honey stick.

The adventures of being a cannabis patient have taught me a lesson or two about picking the medicine that I use. Cannabis selection is no longer just about how amazing a certain strain is or how powerful a medicated edible is, it’s also about trusting where my medicine comes from, how it was grown, and what other ingredients I will be taking in when I medicate. The final quality that I look for is a vibe of positivity from the product and the people behind it, if I have the opportunity to meet them. Usually, if they are positive and uplifting people, so is their medicine.

I’m a tad picky about trying most medibles. I have to be. I’m allergic to gluten, dairy and eggs which is in most products. Plus, I don’t eat sugar and avoid caffeine. I find it tough to trust food products unless I know the kitchen it was made in or it is properly labelled and appears to be applying a standard of quality control. For those reasons, I get excited to come into contact with products and people who are stepping up and creating trustworthy cannabis edibles that provide the same positive effect each time that you take them.

Currently on my radar:

Evergreen Herbal– I have been able to try two cannabis teas and a kief honey stick from this Seattle company. The first tea I tried was a sativa chai blend, for daytime use. It provided a lovely “just-right” effect, energizing and happy.   The second tea that I tried was the nighttime cannabis indica blend which I paired with a keif honey stick, as suggested by one of the gals from Evergreen Herbal. I took it in the evening and it put me to bed with very sweet dreams.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting two women from Evergreen Herbal where I was struck with a lovely dose of good and positive energy. I don’t find it to be a coincidence that their products left me feeling the same way.


Medicated Chai Tea.

Siddhi Tonics-  While most cannabis products are kind of exciting to me, this one takes that feeling to a new level. Their bhang infused tonic was created using Ayurveda, a practical science of life that creates harmony, peace, and longevity to all who seek it. The Siddhi tonic is designed to maintain balance in your body by using a special blend of herbs, spices, in addition to cannabis. I found the tonic to have an uplifting and subtly relaxing effect, nice for daytime or anytime. When I expressed concerns about the fact that there is barley and rye in the tonic (gluten containing ingredients), Siddhi Tonics responded. They had their products tested and found that the amount of gluten in the product is so minute it is legally considered gluten free by government labeling standards.  That is awesome to know! I really appreciate the efforts they have made to make this information available for those of us with special dietary needs. I will be keeping my eyes on what they have coming up.

The gentleman that I have met from this company has been very positive, thoughtful,  and compassionate toward me  which feels like an authentic reflection of the product he has created. Good stuff.


I believe we deserve to know if our medicine and food is free of chemicals or common allergens. If it is an option for you…be picky about the medicine that you choose and what you put into your body. You deserve the best.


High CBD Cannabis Strains For Aches and Chronic Pains


Cannabis flower capsule taken with one avocado.

This year I have had the good fortune to try a number of different strains that are high in cannabidiol (CBD’s). It has changed my perspective of cannabis and I find myself now seeking those strains out the most. They are becoming easier to find but the majority of strains available are bred for THC. For somebody like myself who uses cannabis to act as an anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive, bone-stimulant, antibacterial, antispasmodic, it is the CBD’s  where I will get those benefits from.

The high CBD strains don’t carry the same psychoactive effects of THC. Don’t get me wrong, there are effects, but the high CBD strains seem to leave me more feeling clear, uplifted, and usually energetic. Great for daytime medicating. The effects vary when you eat it compared to smoking or vaporizing.

These are some of the high CBD strains that I have tried as of late. So far, I like them all. Not shocking.

Harlequin- (6-9%CBD, 5%THC) I’ve tried this strain vaporized, smoked, and eaten. I prefer eating it the most for the longest lasting effect. It seems to be the easiest CBD strain to find. It’s a great daytime strain.


Sour Tsunami– (10%CBD, 1%THC) I’ve tried this one only once and I vaporized it. It left me feeling bright and relaxed.

HT2– (>10%CBD) A blend of Harlequin and Sour Tsunami- I vaporized it and found it to leave me creative, and energetic, and relaxed. A lovely daytime strain.

Omrita– This strain was found in a cannabis concentrate (RSO) and I used it to make chocolates. This strain seemed to be a little more relaxing but still not super heavy unless I upped the dosage.


Omrita cannabis concentrate chocolates

Ruby Slippers-(11.87%CBD) Found at Mountain Medicine Clinic in Puyallup, I’ve tried this strain a couple of times in capsules filled with cannabis infused oil. This was the first high CBD experience I had. It wasn’t super heavy and I really liked the ease of delivering my medicine with a capsule.

Glinda’s Tonic– (8.17%CBD, 7.10%THC) Also found at the Mountain Medicine Clinic. I tried this one in canna-oil filled capsules same as the Ruby Slippers above. It was easy and pleasant.

Remedy– (14.2%CBD, .57%THC) I was recently given a nug of this from Anna of Urban Healing Collective in Seattle. I vaporized it and loved it. It noticeably reduced pain in minutes and left me feeling happy and uplifted.

Gravity- (12%CBD, 15%THC) I happened to be trying this one during a series of migraines. Totally worked to relieve the nausea and hold off the headache long enough to eat something before going to bed to sleep it off. Also from the Urban Healing Collective.

Pearl– (>10%CBD) Found in the Tacoma Cannabis Farmer’s Market from Liberatem, Tami at table 2. I took one capsule of the dried flower each day for a week, each time with a fat like avocado or coconut oil. This delivery method was totally new to me but it was pleasant, effective, uplifting, and energizing. Definitely worth trying.


Hot coconut milk plus coconut oil taken with a Peal flower capsule.


‘Pearl’ cannabis flower capsules.


Rice cake with coconut oil and honey taken with my cannabis flower capsule.


Coconut flour banana bread smeared with coconut oil taken with my cannabis flour capsule. Yum.

If you know of an awesome cannabis strain that is high in CBD’s I want to hear about it!

Until next time, may you remain perfectly medicated.


Red, White, and Blue Canna Popsicles


Independence Day is upon us. My neighborhood has been blowing off fireworks for the past week, the weather is supposed to actually be hot on the 4th this year, and I have been wearing red, white, and blue all week to get in a festive mood. It is time to make popsicles.

The goal: All natural sugar free, medicated popsicles that are red, white, and blue to relieve pain, brighten your mood, and be more appreciative of your freedoms in this country.


Red, White, and Blue Cannabis Popsicles

Makes 4 popsicles (All measurements are approximate and will vary according to the mould size.)

-1/2C cherries, pitted

-1/2C blueberries

-1 banana

-about 1C coconut milk

-5 tsp cannabis coconut oil (I used just a little over 1tsp per popsicle based on the serving potency of this particular oil.)

1) Blend cherries with a about 1/4C coconut milk and 1/3 of the cannabis coconut oil. Spoon in to fill the first 1/3 of the popsicle mould.

2) Blend banana with about 1/3C coconut milk and 1/3 of the cannabis oil. Spoon into mould.


3) Blend blueberries with coconut milk and the last of the cannabis oil. Spoon into mould.


4) Freeze.

Notes:  If you want your popsicles to be pretty it helps to keep the fruit purees on the thick side. I left this batch on the thinner side and the layers totally mixed more than I initially planned, oops. I also added the oil to the second layer in the mould rather than the blender when I made this batch because I forget to add it until the banana puree was already in the mould, double oops. It left a mini green layer which is probably a good thing so nobody confuses these with the multitude of non-medicated popsicles I have been making this week. If  you end up having more puree than popsicle mould, put the rest in a ice cube tray- great for adding to smoothies.

There you have it. A healthy, sugar-free, medicated, sweet treat that will cool you down and chill you out.

Have a fun and safe 4th of July!