Finding Cannabis Edibles With Standards


Cannabis tea with a keif honey stick.

The adventures of being a cannabis patient have taught me a lesson or two about picking the medicine that I use. Cannabis selection is no longer just about how amazing a certain strain is or how powerful a medicated edible is, it’s also about trusting where my medicine comes from, how it was grown, and what other ingredients I will be taking in when I medicate. The final quality that I look for is a vibe of positivity from the product and the people behind it, if I have the opportunity to meet them. Usually, if they are positive and uplifting people, so is their medicine.

I’m a tad picky about trying most medibles. I have to be. I’m allergic to gluten, dairy and eggs which is in most products. Plus, I don’t eat sugar and avoid caffeine. I find it tough to trust food products unless I know the kitchen it was made in or it is properly labelled and appears to be applying a standard of quality control. For those reasons, I get excited to come into contact with products and people who are stepping up and creating trustworthy cannabis edibles that provide the same positive effect each time that you take them.

Currently on my radar:

Evergreen Herbal– I have been able to try two cannabis teas and a kief honey stick from this Seattle company. The first tea I tried was a sativa chai blend, for daytime use. It provided a lovely “just-right” effect, energizing and happy.   The second tea that I tried was the nighttime cannabis indica blend which I paired with a keif honey stick, as suggested by one of the gals from Evergreen Herbal. I took it in the evening and it put me to bed with very sweet dreams.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting two women from Evergreen Herbal where I was struck with a lovely dose of good and positive energy. I don’t find it to be a coincidence that their products left me feeling the same way.


Medicated Chai Tea.

Siddhi Tonics-  While most cannabis products are kind of exciting to me, this one takes that feeling to a new level. Their bhang infused tonic was created using Ayurveda, a practical science of life that creates harmony, peace, and longevity to all who seek it. The Siddhi tonic is designed to maintain balance in your body by using a special blend of herbs, spices, in addition to cannabis. I found the tonic to have an uplifting and subtly relaxing effect, nice for daytime or anytime. When I expressed concerns about the fact that there is barley and rye in the tonic (gluten containing ingredients), Siddhi Tonics responded. They had their products tested and found that the amount of gluten in the product is so minute it is legally considered gluten free by government labeling standards.  That is awesome to know! I really appreciate the efforts they have made to make this information available for those of us with special dietary needs. I will be keeping my eyes on what they have coming up.

The gentleman that I have met from this company has been very positive, thoughtful,  and compassionate toward me  which feels like an authentic reflection of the product he has created. Good stuff.


I believe we deserve to know if our medicine and food is free of chemicals or common allergens. If it is an option for you…be picky about the medicine that you choose and what you put into your body. You deserve the best.


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