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Raw Hemp Peach Pie


Mmmmm, hemp. Why am I mildly obsessed with this superfood? Firstly, hemp is one of the only foods on this planet that will provide you with complete protein, carbohydrates, AND omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids all by itself.  Hemp also packs a punch of fiber, B-vitamins, and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and zinc- just to list a few of its impressive stats. For this lover of all things nutrient dense,  hemp is a dream food.

This little love affair with hemp is how I came up with my recipe for Hemp Peach Pie. I needed to find a way to use up the accumulating summer fruit sitting on my counter and was craving dessert. I wanted it to be delicious enough to enjoy as a dessert but healthy enough that I could also eat it for breakfast the next day. I also needed it to be totally raw, free of processed sugars, gluten free, dairy free, and egg free. Simple, right? What I came up with was a super quick and easy recipe that seems to be impossible to flub up. 


Raw Hemp Peach Pie

1C raw almonds, finely crushed

6 medjool dates, chopped

1t orange zest

3 bananas

2 peaches, diced

2/3C Hemp hearts (raw shelled hemp seeds)

1/3C raw chia seeds

1/3C fresh blueberries

1/2t cinnamon

1/4t cardamom

3T coconut oil, melted

1) Mix almonds, dates, and orange zest. Press flat into the bottom of a pie pan.


2) Puree bananas and mix in chopped peaches, chia seeds, hemp seeds, cinnamon, cardamom, and coconut oil. Add blueberries and stir until just mixed.

3) Pour into pie pan on top of the almond date crust.


4) Chill in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.

5) Slice, serve, and enjoy.


This recipe is so quick, easy, and delicious that it has become a regular thing coming out of my kitchen this month. While I haven’t made this pie the same way twice, it always seems to turn out and disappear fast. It is easily adaptable to different kinds of fruit and spices.

Dessert just got upgraded to being healthfully hempy.


My First Seattle Hempfest


Were they throwing weed or roses to the crowd?

This past weekend I attended my very first Seattle Hempfest.  I was told the best way to experience the festival was to volunteer so I signed up to work Friday and Sunday, the two days that I could attend. During my shifts I got to see the action of crowds in the park, check out the vendors, see the backstage areas, meet a lot of the speakers, and witness more pot smoking than I have ever seen in my entire life.

On Friday I happened to be there when a helicopter flew over the Main Stage crowds and threw something out the windows to the people below. Now, I’ve heard two different stories about what was actually being tossed to the crowds. One report said they were throwing rose petals while another told me that they had tossed dime bags down to the crowd. I wasn’t quite close enough to be able to say  what it was for sure. Maybe it was rose petals AND dime bags.

Over the two days I was there, as I was running through the park, I was able to pause long enough to see and hear some of the speakers.  Their passion and love for cannabis moved me. I wish I would have seen more of the speakers.


New Jersey Weedman


I got to see and meet a lot of the people that I have only ever known online until now. I love that.


Coral Reefer and SafeTDriver.

I wasn’t there on Saturday when the Seattle Police Department was handing out bags of Doritos with a short list of the I-502 laws but I was able to snap a picture from somebody who did. There were 1000 bags given out. Some people ate their chips, some are saving the bag as a collector’s item. I have to say that the police were awesome there. They definitely provided a good sized presence but they were all friendly and did an impressive job of responding to the crazy things that are bound to happen in a crowd that size.


The police kindly helped this man find some clothes.


On Sunday I was corralled into being in a hemp fashion show. I wore a silk hemp wedding dress. While I don’t need to get married anytime soon I would seriously find a place to wear this dress because it felt so amazing on.  Just another random Hempfest adventure.

Hemp silk wedding dress.

While there, I was struck with how many families were attending together. Once I got over kids being around cannabis (which is vastly different from how I was raised), I was able to see how nice it was to see families getting out and seeing the world together. The vast mix of all ages and backgrounds made for wonderful people watching and a comfortable vibe.

Would I do it all over again? Heck ya. I met new friends, experienced new things, and even got a tan.

See you next year, Seattle Hempfest!



Cannabis Oil Pulling


Have you ever tried oil pulling? Ever try it with cannabis infused oil? I first tried oil pulling a year ago after hearing about the benefits such as relieving sinus congestion, treating sensitive gums, and strengthening the immune system.

What is oil pulling? It’s an Ayurvedic method for cleansing the mouth, throat, sinuses, and lymph system of bacteria, toxins, parasites, and congestion. You simply swish coconut oil (or other type of unrefined oil) like it were mouthwash for 5-20 minutes. Mixed with your saliva, the oil binds to the undesirable crud in your mouth and then is disposed of when you spit it all out at the end.

Since my gum tissues had been feeling a little tender I decided to bring this method back into my morning routine. When I woke up one morning I had the most brilliant idea…use my cannabis coconut oil for the oil pulling. I would combine the  antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and enzymatic properties of the coconut oil with the medicinal effects of the cannabis. I was curious what adding cannabis to the picture would be like for my mouth and how much of it I would absorb in 20 minutes.


I put a tablespoon of solid oil in my mouth and gagged a little while it melted. Once I got past the melting part the rest of it wasn’t bad. I put a timer on, took a load off, and swished away.

Once I was done and spit the oil out my mouth was feeling tingly, super clean, and soothed. And then the medicine slowly kicked in over the next hour or so. I may not have swallowed any of it but I absolutely got medicated from having the oil in my mouth for just 20 minutes. It was a pleasant experience and comparable in effects as if I had swallowed the oil without swishing it. I’ll definitely be doing this again. It is a little bit of a time commitment and you kind of have to learn to relax to be able to do it for 20 minutes but still totally worth it.

If you decide to try this, remember:

1) Don’t ever spit the oil down the drain, it will clog it!

2) Don’t swallow the oil after you have swished it, it is full of toxins and bad bacteria.

3) Learn how your body is going to react to taking cannabis like this because it can be potent. Consider blending 1/2 cannabis oil with 1/2 plain coconut oil for a less potent experience.

Spit, don't swallow.

Spit, don’t swallow.

I am totally amused to have found a new and healthy way to deliver cannabis medicine into my body that doesn’t really involve my stomach or my lungs.

I guess the best ideas really are the simplest ones.


How To Boost Your Endocannabinoid System


The human endocannabinoid system, what a dry subject. At least that is how it felt when I first sat down to educate myself about what this system does. However, once I really dug into the subject I was actually able to use what I learned to make improvements to my own health.

Just like you have an endocrine system, a circulatory system, and a nervous system,  you also have something called an Endocannabinoid system. This system regulates many of the body’s functions to maintain overall health and a sense of well being. What functions? I’m glad you asked.

The endocannabinoid system regulates functions in your brain, nervous system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, bones, immune system, and metabolism. Wow, right? The enormity of what this system does is why it is worth learning about, especially for those of us who may be dealing with health issues in any of those associated areas.

Where is this endocannabinoid system located? Simply put…your brain, your nervous system, your intestine, your immune system, your liver, your bones, your muscles, your pancreas, and your adipose tissue (fat). You know, the serious parts. Within the tissues of these locations are little receptors that express proteins and bind to specific cannabinoid-shaped molecules. They are called cannabinoid receptors. (A cannabinoid is a chemical compound naturally produced by enzymes in the body. It is this compound that activates the cannabinoid receptors and allows for a healthy endocannabinoid system.)

There are two kinds of cannabinoid receptors: CB1 or CB2. Different body locations have either one or the other, or both. For example your brain has lots of CB1 receptors, your bones have CB2 receptors, and your gut has both. Knowing the location and type of receptor becomes valuable information when treating certain ailments and illnesses.


How do you know if your body is making enough cannabinoids to be working properly? Great question. I don’t exactly have the answer for that yet besides to look at conditions (such as depression, migraines, IBS, and fibromyalgia) that are also associated with a body that has a deficiency in cannabinoids. If you have something funky going on in one of the areas that is regulated by the endocannabinoid system, you might be deficient. Hopefully future studies come out to let us know when it is deficient before major illness sets in.

How does one get more cannabinoids if your body is not producing enough? Cannabis! Cannabis is a phytocannabinol and contains compounds that activate the CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 is “turned on” by THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CB2 is “turned on” by CBN (cannabinol), compounds found in the cannabis plant.

Amazing, right?

Also, different cannabis strains contain different amounts of THC, CBN, and other compounds that work synergistically in the body. When using cannabis for certain ailments you can customize what receptors are activated by choosing the right strain and delivery method. For example, I go for high THC cannabis strains when I am dealing with migraines or depression to activate those specific CB1 receptors in my brain.

Knowing about this amazing system has increased the appreciation that I have for my body and the medicine that I use. Not only that, it has allowed me to understand my cannabis medicine better and maximize my use of it.

May your endocannabinoid system function well whether you happen to be giving it a boost with cannabis or not.