My First Seattle Hempfest


Were they throwing weed or roses to the crowd?

This past weekend I attended my very first Seattle Hempfest.  I was told the best way to experience the festival was to volunteer so I signed up to work Friday and Sunday, the two days that I could attend. During my shifts I got to see the action of crowds in the park, check out the vendors, see the backstage areas, meet a lot of the speakers, and witness more pot smoking than I have ever seen in my entire life.

On Friday I happened to be there when a helicopter flew over the Main Stage crowds and threw something out the windows to the people below. Now, I’ve heard two different stories about what was actually being tossed to the crowds. One report said they were throwing rose petals while another told me that they had tossed dime bags down to the crowd. I wasn’t quite close enough to be able to say  what it was for sure. Maybe it was rose petals AND dime bags.

Over the two days I was there, as I was running through the park, I was able to pause long enough to see and hear some of the speakers.  Their passion and love for cannabis moved me. I wish I would have seen more of the speakers.


New Jersey Weedman


I got to see and meet a lot of the people that I have only ever known online until now. I love that.


Coral Reefer and SafeTDriver.

I wasn’t there on Saturday when the Seattle Police Department was handing out bags of Doritos with a short list of the I-502 laws but I was able to snap a picture from somebody who did. There were 1000 bags given out. Some people ate their chips, some are saving the bag as a collector’s item. I have to say that the police were awesome there. They definitely provided a good sized presence but they were all friendly and did an impressive job of responding to the crazy things that are bound to happen in a crowd that size.


The police kindly helped this man find some clothes.


On Sunday I was corralled into being in a hemp fashion show. I wore a silk hemp wedding dress. While I don’t need to get married anytime soon I would seriously find a place to wear this dress because it felt so amazing on.  Just another random Hempfest adventure.

Hemp silk wedding dress.

While there, I was struck with how many families were attending together. Once I got over kids being around cannabis (which is vastly different from how I was raised), I was able to see how nice it was to see families getting out and seeing the world together. The vast mix of all ages and backgrounds made for wonderful people watching and a comfortable vibe.

Would I do it all over again? Heck ya. I met new friends, experienced new things, and even got a tan.

See you next year, Seattle Hempfest!



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