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Happy Cashew Hemp Pie


How about a dessert that will literally make you a happier person and be nutritious enough to eat for breakfast the next day?

Enter a nutritiously packed dessert made with cashews and hemp seeds. Among a very long list of reasons to eat cashews or hemp seeds is the fact that they both contain generous amounts of tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid that works with your brain to relax you and make you feel happier. An effective anti-depressant from mother nature with zero negative side effects.

In an effort to find more ways to bring these two mood boosters into my regular diet I created Happy Cashew Hemp Pie. The hardest part of this recipe is having the forethought to soak the cashews overnight. Other than that it is super quick and easy.

Cashew Hemp Dream Pie


1C walnuts

1C dates

2T coconut oil

1/3 C raw shelled hemp seeds


1 1/2 C raw cashews, soaked in water overnight

1/4 C coconut milk

1t vanilla

1/3 C coconut oil

1/4 C honey

1C fresh fruit (I used peaches this time)

1) Soak cashews in water overnight in the fridge. Drain the water.

2) Gently melt the coconut oil if it is in solid form.


3) Blend walnuts, dates, orange peel, and 2T melted coconut oil in a food processor until just crumbly depending on how much crunch you like. Press into pie pan that has been greased with a little coconut oil.

4) Sprinkle hemp seeds on top and press into crust.


5) Blend cashews, coconut milk, vanilla, melted coconut oil, honey, and fruit until smooth.

6) Pour on top of crust and chill pie in the fridge until set. Enjoy with or without toppings.

7) Store leftovers in the fridge or freezer.


This simple little pie kept me happy for a few days in a row. The next time I make this I will likely cut the honey out altogether as the dates provided plenty of sweet for me. I can’t wait to have it again.

Staying happy by staying hempy…


10 Ways CBD in Cannabis Can Improve Your Health


One of the reasons I have been able to successfully use cannabis as medicine for multiple health issues is because it contains a compound called cannabidiol (CBD). This CBD component is responsible for regulating many functions in the body. It is kind of a big deal.

This week I have found myself in more than one conversation with people about CBD. It seems that a lot of people, even the ones who use cannabis, are not always too familiar with what CBDs could do for them to improve their health ailments.

So, I give you 10 ways that CBD could improve your health:

1) CBD is an antibacterial and slows bacterial growth. This is significant for those of us who are dealing with an imbalance of bad bacteria which can cause health problems such as gum disease, heart disease, and intestinal issues.

2) When you take CBD, it does not cause the typical “high” associated with cannabis. In fact, CBD works as a partner with THC to balance its psychoactive effects. My personal experience with high CBD cannabis medicines is that they leave me clear-headed, positive, energetic, and relaxed. I describe this state as feeling like myself.

3) CBD reduces inflammation. Let me repeat that, CBD reduces inflammation!! Inflammation in the body causes disease. Less inflammation, less disease.

4) CBD promotes bone growth. How many people do you know that have a musculoskeletal deficiency who would benefit from a non-toxic, natural medicine for bone growth? When I first learned that taking cannabis could keep my bones strong I think I may have teared up. There are not too many things I wouldn’t do to be able to age without a degenerating, scoliotic spine so to know that this is one of the potential benefits of the CBD medicine that I am taking leaves me feeling incredibly grateful.

5) CBD reduces function in the immune system. If you suffer with an autoimmune disorder calming your overactive immune system down is vital for your continuing health. When my immune system is overactive I have all sorts of funky things happen to me: migraines, body pain, numb fingers and toes, and so on. Having a medicine that can help me regulate immune function is more valuable to me than the words can find.

6) CBD relieves anxiety. How lovely is that? I’m a relatively even tempered person, I think, but I do deal with anxiety. I am aware that this is a side effect of having chronic pain but that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. CBD’s allow me to relax and feel like somebody who can handle the regular stresses of life during spells of anxiety.

7) CBD relieves pain. This is by far the most dramatic thing that CBD does for me personally. To be able to have relief from the pain that is debilitating you and locking you within your body feels like absolute freedom.

8) CBD suppresses muscles spasms. I actually had to think about the last time I had muscle spasms because it has been a while. I used to get them all the time before I started using medicinal cannabis but now they are something that I used to get.

9) CBD reduces blood sugar levels. High blood sugar can cause havoc in the body. Ask any person with diabetes and they will tell you that regulating your blood sugar is vital to one’s health and vitality.

10) CBD reduces seizures. I don’t have personal experience with this one but I do know of people who have been able to reduce and in some cases stop the seizures that they experience by using high CBD cannabis.


11) CBD inhibits cancer cell growth. Oh, did I mention it fights cancer?

I am just scratching the surface here of what CBDs  can do for the body but that is a pretty impressive list, isn’t it?

How does one effectively get CBDs in their body? You’ll have to first seek out cannabis strains and medicines that contain high CBD. This will require a little homework and probably a little shopping around to find the one that is right for you. The most superior ways that I have found to get CBD through cannabis is by regularly taking it orally or applying it topically to the skin.

I would just like to add that my life drastically changed for the better when I found cannabis medicines with high CBDs. Thankfully I live in a part of the world that allows me to have safe access to this medicine.

May you have safe access to CBD too.


Why Are You Using Cannabis?


Why are you using cannabis? I had been asking myself that a lot last month and while the question is simple enough my answers definitely weren’t as clear.

Currently, I daily use cannabis as a way to manage chronic pain and other health conditions. I sometimes also use it to manage depression, migraines, loss of appetite, and insomnia when that stuff comes up. I occasionally use it recreationally among friends. Within all of this cannabis use I sometimes notice myself falling into certain habits. Some of the habits, like applying topical CBD lotions daily, are awesome and I’m glad that I’ve been able to commit to that method of delivering CBDs to my endocannabinoid system. Then there are the less desirable habits that seem to sneak in on me.

One of my oldest and least favorite habits with cannabis is using it the same way every day only via the lungs. This in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing but the truth is that I seem to get stuck on that delivery method and it starts to dominate the way I use cannabis. I like how it feels and I get distracted with that feeling in my daily use. Those good feelings leave me forgetting that I need to be respectful toward what is going on with my lungs. Not only that but somehow when I smoke I rarely feel the ‘off button’ that tells me I don’t need any more. I have many other ways to medicate that are much more effective for my conditions than smoking, so why am I smoking it?

With these the patterns creeping I sat down and took an honest look at my cannabis use:

1) Why am I using cannabis right now? Chronic pain, migraines, depression, and recreationally.

2) How am I using cannabis right now? Vaporizing, topicals, tinctures, in my food, and smoking.

3) Is how I am currently using cannabis effective for my needs? Not really. Smoking and vaping aren’t nearly as effective for my body pains as ingesting and topicals but I have started relying on that limiting delivery method to do a much bigger job. That needs to change for me. 

4) How would I ideally need and like to be using cannabis? Vaporizing , tinctures, added to my food, and topically. I would like to limit my recreational smoking with friends and not let that delivery method creep back into my daily habits. I would like to save vaporizing for migraines, nausea, increasing my appetite, and depression.

5) What steps do I need to take to make my ideal use happen? I need to quit the smoking part. I got rid of the smoking paraphanilia that somehow came my way and I restocked my high CBD cannabis medicines to shift the focus back on how my body was feeling rather than what my habitually recreational brain was telling me.

Creating an ideal cannabis medicine plan and sticking with it can take effort for me and is one of the challenges that I personally face when I medicate daily. However, when I look at myself without judgement, making positive changes doesn’t feels rewarding rather than challenging.

I medicate with compassion for this one body that works so hard to allow me to experience life and I stay grateful for the fact that I have something as versatile, effective, and safe as cannabis.