5 Ways Cannabis Manages Chronic Back Pain


Chronic back pain is a condition like no other.  It’s a horrible ailment, actually. I am somehow one of those people who will always have issues with my spine. While I have been dealing with this stuff since I was a preteen it wasn’t until my very early 20’s when every doctor I saw started freely prescribing me synthetic drugs to manage my spinal condition. I’ve tried to avoid taking too many synthetic pills too often because they always end up making me feel like crud, they mess up my digestive system, I don’t ever want to be addicted to them, and the idea of having to take them from now until I die as a way to cope with pain is not a future I am about to roll over for. There are better options to consider.

When I first explored using cannabis as part of my long term pain management I honestly thought that it just worked by acting more like a mental mask or a distraction from the pain. I didn’t fully understand how beneficial cannabis would be for managing the enormity of my chronic spinal condition. Turns out a lot of people I know still believe that cannabis only provides a happy distraction for pain, so, for you I write the following… 

5 Ways that Cannabis Helps Manage Chronic Back Pain:

1) Cannabis is a natural pain killer. Cannabis doesn’t just mask pain or distract you from it, it works with your body to relieve physical pain. One of the biggest plusses of using cannabis (for me) has been the pain relief without the unpleasant synthetic drug side effects or the potential risks with long-term use of synthetic medications. When you’re looking at a potential lifetime of chronic pain, you tend to take the  long term side effects of pain medication very seriously. Amnisia Kush is a great strain that helps manage chornic back pain. You can buy Amnesia Kush seeds here.

2) Cannabis acts as an anti-inflammatory in the body. Having aches and pains caused by inflammation is a miserable experience and over time can negatively impact your overall health. Cannabis brings inflammation down to relieve pain and discomfort. Ideally, your pain management program will also be able to find what may be triggering inflammation in your body so you can address it from all angles.

3) Cannabis acts as a natural muscle relaxer and suppresses muscle spasms. Back spasms take chronic pain to a whole new level. I used to take muscle relaxers regularly to deal with muscle spasms but now that I have been taking cannabis regularly, muscle spasms and super sore overactive back muscles hardly ever happen.

4) Cannabis calms anxiety. Experiencing chronic pain creates anxiety, stress, and tension in the body. The anxiety, stress, and tension in the body create more pain thus building a vicious cycle of pain that never ends. Using the right strain of cannabis can significantly reduce or eliminate anxiety altogether by calming down the body and nervous system. Once you break the cycle of anxiety from creating stress and tension in the body, less pain will follow.

5) Cannabis helps to lift the depression that can come with chronic back pain. Being in pain every day and dealing with a debilitating back condition is one of the most challenging things a person can go through and there are predictably going to be dark spells along the journey. Pain can create a physical depression and depression can create more physical pain. Cannabis can lift the depression that will benefit not just your body but also your mental health. 

Cannabis: The pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxer that also acts as an anti-anxiety and an anti-depressant. One plant working naturally and synergistically in the body to heal, calm, and create well-being.

Pain is supposed to be one of those things in our body that is there for our benefit. It is our job to listen to what it has to say,  respect it, and do what is necessary to relieve it in the healthiest way possible. Cannabis is one effective option and worth considering if you are somebody dealing with chronic back pain.


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  1. Posted by Bobbi Jo on October 4, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    Love your writings. This is where my chronic pain started. Now 13 years later bodys hooked on prescription methadone , so angry at big pharma and Drs.


  2. Everything you said is 100% true. I have all over chronic pain, a whole list of chronic illnesses and it does help better than any pills I’ve ever been given. I wish they would just go ahead and legalize it so I can get on with my life.


  3. Posted by JP on October 7, 2013 at 1:40 pm

    Thank you for sharing. I’m a caregiver of a patient who suffers from similar maladies, including degenerative discs in neck and lower back. The chronic pain has been her constant companion for over 10 years. She also suffers from osteoarthritis. Her daily regimen of narcs include Percocet,Morphine, Atavan, Valium and Flexeril. What strains are you using to treat your back pain? She also has COPD, so smoking is out of the question. TIA


    • Tia,
      May I just say how much I appreciate caregivers like yourself who help others in this world.
      I generally choose strains that are high in CBD and/or indica dominant for pain but I try to vary the strains regularly so as not to become overly tolerant to just one. I highly recommend using topicals, if you aren’t already, as a way to get CBDs without using the lungs. I personally prefer tinctures, teas, and using infused cooking oil in my food. Using a vaporizer may be an option but I honestly don’t know if that would be irritating to her lung condition. And of course, if at all possible, try juicing raw cannabis for 60 times the benefits without the high or ever using the lungs.
      Health and wellness to you who cares for others.


  4. Posted by anon on November 3, 2013 at 4:03 am

    I started with cannabis for fun at 15 years old, then at 20 i started with ciatica, maybe the biggest pain i felt in my life, cannabis helped me a lot, and helps me today cause i got surgeon 7 years ago. Its the only good painkiller. For the care assistant, vaporizers are very good, theres no burn so theres no toxins, not bad for the lung ( i have asma too and i feel better every time i use the vaporizer) the best one is the Vulcano but its a little bit expensive (ike 300 pounds)


  5. […] Source:  5 Ways Cannabis Manages Chronic Back Pain | twicebaked in washington. […]


  6. Posted by emilia castro on November 23, 2013 at 8:52 am

    una un a peregunta el cannabis sirve tambien para los diabeticos


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  8. […] “Yo no alcanzaba a entender, cómo sería de beneficioso el cannabis para aliviar mi problema de columna vertebral crónico.” dice TwiceBaked. Al poco tiempo, estas son sus reveladoras conclusiones: 1. El cannabis es un analgésico natural. El Cannabis no sólo te distrae del dolor, ni tampoco lo enmascara. El verdaderamente trabaja en su cuerpo para aliviar el dolor físico. Uno de los mayores puntos débiles de uso de cannabis (para mí) ha sido el alivio del dolor sin los efectos secundarios de los medicamentos sintéticos desagradables o los riesgos potenciales con el uso a largo plazo de los medicamentos sintéticos. 2. El cannabis actúa como un anti-inflamatorio en el cuerpo.  Tener dolores y molestias causadas por la inflamación es una experiencia miserable y con el tiempo puede tener un impacto negativo en su salud en general. El cannabis actúa como des-inflamatorio y por consiguiente, alivia el dolor y el malestar. 3. El cannabis actúa como un relajante muscular natural y elimina los espasmos musculares. Los espasmos en la espalda son los causante del dolor crónico, pero el uso regular del cannabis relaja los músculos y esto con el tiempo ayuda a evitar la acumulación de tensión que pueden desencadenar en dolorosos espasmos. 4. El cannabis calma la ansiedad. Experimentar dolor crónico crea ansiedad, estrés y tensión en el cuerpo y esto crea más dolor construyendo así un círculo vicioso de dolor que nunca termina. Utilizando el tipo correcto de cannabis puede reducir significativamente o eliminar la ansiedad por completo por calmar el cuerpo y el sistema nervioso. Una vez que se rompe el ciclo de la ansiedad de la creación de estrés y la tensión en el cuerpo se consigue menos dolor. 5. El cannabis ayuda a salir de la depresión que puede venir con dolor de espalda crónico. El dolor puede crear una depresión física y la depresión puede crear más dolor físico. Cannabis puede ayudar a sacarle de ese estado depresivo, beneficiando no solo el cuerpo si no también su salud mental. El cannabis: El alivio del dolor,, relajante muscular anti-inflamatorio que también actúa como un anti-ansiedad y anti-depresivos. Una planta de trabajo natural y sinérgica en el cuerpo para sanar, calmar, y crear bienestar. El dolor se supone que es una de esas cosas en nuestro cuerpo que está ahí para nuestro beneficio, es nuestro trabajo escuchar lo que tiene que decir, respetar, y hacer lo necesario para aliviar en la forma más saludable posible. Fuente: TwiceBaked […]


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  10. […] queremos compartir el testimonio de TwiceBaked una consumidora de cannabis medicinal que además cuenta todas sus aventuras, recetas, impresiones […]


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