3 Ways To Effectively Layer Cannabis Medicine


This year I was introduced to the concept of consciously layering my cannabis medicine. Everybody definitely has different needs when using medicinal cannabis but one thing remains the same, the purpose is to boost your endocannabinoid system. The trick as an individual is to find the right strains, delivery methods, and amounts that will be effective for your particular health needs. The ambition is to take enough medicine for your condition while having energy during the day and good sleep at night. Often it can be helpful to combine two or three different cannabis layers to find the right mix for you.

3 Ways to Layer Cannabis Medicine:

1) Layer your cannabis strains. Every strain is different and will affect you differently. The old rule of sativas for day and indicas for night is a good one to start with. Different strains can compliment each other and may be used together to tune in a specific desired effect. One example is combining a high THC sativa strain with a high CBD strain to create an uplifting, energetic, functioning daytime medicine that doesn’t keep you yawning all day.

2) Layer your delivery method.  Each delivery method (inhaled, ingested, or applied topically) provides different benefits. Topicals give you a boost of CBDs, medibles give you long lasting body effects, and you can experience immediate effects from inhaling. It is not uncommon for me to start my daily pain management with a layer of topical cannabis on my skin, eat a medible, and then vaporize, if needed, while my medible  kicks in.

3) Layer your dosage times. If you know that your medible will provide you benefits for about 8 hours, you might consider taking another medible about 6 hours after the first. Or, if it is going to take 1-2 hours for your medible to take effect and you need relief before then you can layer by inhaling your cannabis or using a topical for more immediate effects.


If all of this sounds like a lot of cannabis, it can be. Sometimes when medicating with cannabis you need a little and sometimes you need a lot. Knowing how to combine the methods when you need a lot is a valuable skill in the cannabis patient’s toolkit.

Stay Layered,


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  1. never knew to layer the strain. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Thanks for reading! Have an awesome-strain-layered day.

  4. I have been following your blog for some time. Your approach on alot of your own beliefs are shared by many on overall health. The individual battles we each have can be tackled in so many ways. Im finding the key to better health is having an active life. Thank you so much for sharing your personal experiences. Keep up the good work !

    Keep it layered

  5. It’s so refreshing to see so many people taking the medical cannabis issue seriously and unleashing their intelligence and creativity into the art and science of cannabis. We are all going to look back at the prohibition age as one of most lame periods in our collective history. I see this as a time of great revival of creativity and knowledge of nature and the human body – with cannabis being just one of a multitude of nutrients which will come to be understood in much greater depth. The internet and human ambition and creativity will be the driving force behind this revolution in consciousness. Keep posting your informative articles.

  6. Thank you for reading and sending positive comments. Stay Awesome.

  7. I don’t mean to sound, “GREEN” here 🙂 No pun intended! But reading several recipes for making cannabis oil to vape w/, I’m more confused then ever. I’ve made many edibles & butter numerous times which turned out great & worked great. But I’d like to try the vaping now. I saw in ur comment & receive it says to use 1C vaporized cannabis, 1C coconut oil (or what oil u like to use) in crock pot on low.
    My question is what is the difference between just using ur trimmings & clippings as your dried cannabis vs the already vaporized cannabis?
    Sorry if the question sounds really silly or lame, but I figured if I’m asking it then there has to be others out there wondering the same thing? If you don’t ask how will you ever know?
    Appreciate any help in this matter. Anything to keep weaning off the pharmaceuticals & back to all NATURAL & HEALTHY!!!

  8. Hi Charmdiam, The difference between the dried trimmings/clippings and already vaporized cannabis is that heat has been applied to it which activates the compounds, like THCA to THC.
    Have a great day,

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