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For over one year I have posted here every week about cannabis and hemp. Until recently, that is. I’ve needed to take a little break to regroup in my brain what the point of me writing about cannabis is and create a renewed focus moving forward.

During my break I participated in two days of lobbying in Olympia for medical cannabis. It was there that I was opened up to a whole new world that I had never experienced before, live politics. There were a couple hundred medical cannabis patients and activists volunteering their time to persuade our government not to take away our rights. Being among that energy has its own power and I left each day feeling more clarity about what I am really doing with my little TwiceBaked in Washington blog.

I am here to let people from all demographics know that cannabis is safe. It is a safe and effective herbal medicine that can be used to treat a myriad of illnesses and ailments.

I feel passionate about the nutritional dietary value of not just raw cannabis that I currently need a doctor’s recommendation to eat but also raw organic hemp that I can buy at the grocery store. People need to know that hemp is easy to add to the foods that they already consume and because of it’s nutritional profile, it can be eaten as a complete meal all by itself.

I am also here as a cannabis patient who knows the value of sharing the benefits, challenges, and adventures that come with using cannabis as a medicine and food. Through my own experiences I can show how to use this amazing plant in all its forms because, lets face it, being a new patient (or an old patient) can feel overwhelming at times and there is always a lot to learn.

Since starting my blog I have met a tribe of people who have welcomed me into the cannabis culture with open arms. I have also opened more than one uncomfortable conversation with friends, family, and strangers who think cannabis is bad and chipped away at the giant myth and stereotype wall that exists around this plant. I want to continue that conversation. I want to empower others to have that conversation too.

So, until we meet again next week,


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  1. Posted by Susan on January 20, 2014 at 8:11 am

    I want to thank you for this post. Well written and expresses my opinions exactly! I certainly agree with you about chipping away at the wall! It takes some courage to open these conversations. My experience is that once done I usually find a kindred spirit or at least less hostile than I assumed. I have been speaking out about herbal medicine and owning your health all my life, adding cannabis has been challenging as most people still look at it as a recreational choice. Like having a Martini! The people I know that view it this way are the most skeptical. They like how they feel when they get ”high” but don’t take the time to understand the biological reason. My personal crusade is on introducing this wonderful medicine to older folk. So many of their concerns can be remedied safer with cannabis than the battery of OTC chemicals their Dr. suggests. Keep up the good work and thank you again.


  2. We can’t thank you enough for the time that you have spent making every post to your unique and helpful blog. I must admit it can be overwhelming and we still struggle with finding the right combination of whole body healing. Exersice is a key part even if its just streaching, as you had previously mentioned as part of your morning routine in one of your blog postings. You have hit on many similar experiences and help in ways that are hard to express in words. The work you have done thus far will help tremdously with your new forcus involving live politics. The recent topic of having more poeple involved locally here in Massachusetts has been a forward battle.
    Personally I feel a large group of patients either cannot physically do the civic work that is needed to help. Patients that are just happy and content to have a legal reccomendation or live in a legal recreational state usually have no desire to be involved. Many states will still need to become legal for medical marijuana before it will be taken seriously. I find it very hard to help patients and profess recreational uses for the same plant in lower doses. This is just another hurdle for the progress of true medicinal use of this plant and the high dose extracts needed for terminally ill patients.

    These are 2 online petitions to the Mass Dept Health.
    I would appreciate if you could send out to any contacts that you have.…fb&r_by=9836058


    One of the most active civic action groups in Mass

    Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance
    508-410-1547 |…Nbd8neQZTngng==
    PO Box 302242
    Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

    2 Great resource forums on everything MMJ CCMA

    CCMA is also on Twitter under the handle @MAmedmarijuana. Follow us!

    Dedicated and super active forum on MMJ run by Maine residents.
    Anyone interested in serious MMJ forum needs to check this one out !!! CCM

    Please check out these 4 links if you have time.
    Anyway Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work.
    JuiceMan – Massachusetts


  3. Not being very mobile myself, I appreciate you showing your support for medical cannabis in Olympia!.


  4. Posted by Mainah on February 1, 2014 at 6:01 am

    Thank you for your blog. It’s refreshing to see a mmj patient talk about the ups and downs of life with chronic pain and how mmj can help in all it’s many forms.
    I too have found that mixing edibles, topicals, and vaporizing to be very effective for peripheral neuropathy and trygeminal neuralgia. It’s allowed me to break completely free of pharmaceutical pain patches and pills. That in itself has improved my overall health immeasurably.
    It’s also refreshing and encouraging to see how much access you have to different strains and forms of medicine. Maybe someday that model will make it to the east coast as well. We can only hope!
    Please keep up the great work and encouraging words!


    • Mainah,
      Thank you so much for reading and sending me comments. I’m happy to hear that you have found an ideal layering method for your conditions. I feel fortunate right now in Washington to have safe access to so many medicinal cannabis products.
      Smiling at you,


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