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How I Reduced My Cannabis Tolerance With More Cannabis


I once again have access to raw cannabis. Today is day 9 back on it and I am feeling like a new person. I have humbly been reminded about the things that happen to me when I eat raw cannabis leaf and/or flower.

Firstly, eating and juicing raw cannabis changes my tolerance to THC. Before raw cannabis I could easily consume one or two (or more) medibles and vaporize repeatedly through the day without feeling like I’ve ever had too much or like I couldn’t handle more. I don’t seem to have a cannabis ‘off button’. After the first few days on raw cannabis and I suddenly have an ‘off button’. On Friday, and many consecutive days before that, I had needed 3 medible doses through the day but on Saturday eating one medible in the morning would now last me well into the evening.

By Tuesday I stopped taking all forms of THC or CBD infused medibles. I just didn’t seem to need them because my inflammation and body pain has been reduced so much. That was already 6 days ago.

I’m still vaping but even that has been reduced. During the first few days of adding fresh cannabis leaves to my smoothies, vaporizing felt like a new experience. It was like I was using marijuana for the first time and very little made me high. One week later and that has adjusted some, my tolerance has gone back up enough that I don’t feel super high, I feel just right. I still don’t need to use that much though.

Something else that is super exciting is that I’ve noticed my thinking patterns are different. Depression is more a feeling of the past, I can think more clearly, and I find myself thinking more positively about everything. It feels very empowering.

Next, I am working on increasing my activity. The stiffness in my joints and my back pain has been reduced so much that moving and exercise feel good again. I am excited to get after my strength and balance training with a brain that is able to communicate better messages to my nervous system. Let this little yogi fly.

May the current bounty of raw cannabis in my life continue so I can keep feeling this good.


Raw Cannabis Rules.


The Cannabis Suppository Experience


When I was first told about being able to take cannabis in suppository form I think I shook my head and asked why the hell would anybody want to medicate that way? Well, it turns out that all sorts of people use suppositories for good reason, because they work.

Cannabis suppositories bypass the liver and are absorbed into the bloodstream quickly by thousands of nerve endings in the colon and rectum walls. They don’t give you the same euphoria as is experienced when you inhale or eat your cannabis and they provide hours of relief for physical pain. This makes it an effective delivery method for people who may not be able to eat, inhale, or are suffering from cramping, inflammation, vomiting, body pain, or any number of ailments that happen below the belt.

I got curious about how different this delivery method was from the many other ways that I currently use cannabis. I started looking for suppositories in various dispensaries with no luck. That search ended the day that I asked a dispensary employee if they had any suppositories. I knew I was in trouble when she took me over to their glass section. She slowly looked over the entire case of pipes and bongs and said, “Nope, I don’t see any here. Do you need any rolling papers?” One side of me was telling me to educate that girl about suppositories but the other side of me was laughing so hard it was all I could do to get to my car where I had a good belly laugh until tears ran down my face. Precious memories.

So, I called in some advice from other patients about using cannabis suppositories and embarked on making my own. From what other patients told me about their experiences I was going to be relieved of pain and possibly super horny for hours. While that concept was not undesirable to me, I had visions of not being able to get out of bed due to non-stop orgasms. How would I be able to function like that? Apparently I have a healthy imagination. 

They suggested using coconut oil for its antibacterial qualities and its ability to assist in the absorption. They also said to make sure everything was super clean and to maybe plan to not be alone in the event that I did experience an increase in libido.


Making the suppositories was very easy. I super cleaned my workspace and tools.  I melted PHO (propane hash oil) in a small amount of coconut oil, poured it in small forms, and chilled it. I calculated what a serving might be like for me based on how strong it felt when I took it sublingually.

I was reminded of what it feels like for new patients trying cannabis for the first time. It can feel a little daunting when you have no idea what you might experience. Although I have been using cannabis for some time and know how my body will react to it, I was still nervous.


Happily, my first dose was just right and my experience was not super intense. Within minutes I could feel a warm, pleasant sensation washing over my entire pelvic region while the muscles in my back, pelvis, and entire body totally relaxed. The zero body pain and zero anxiety without a  “head high” lasted for a few hours.  I kept expecting it to keep getting more intense but it never did and I was able to get on with my day.

I took another slightly higher dose later that day. The effects were definitely stronger and while I was lying down for the medicine to absorb I fell asleep. I woke up an hour later feeling very rested and physically relaxed. It was wonderful, actually.

There is another thing to know. What goes in eventually comes out, so be prepared for that surprise.

I came away from the experience feeling enlightened about the suppository cannabis delivery method. It was not the paralyzing horny high that I was imagining but certainly a great option to have in the cannabis medicine cabinet.

The bottom line is that cannabis suppositories are not scary, just different.


Raw Lemon Cream Hemp Pie


The ongoing topic of food and moods keeps coming up in my world. Personally, food has the ability to make me happy or depressed, body and soul. For that very reason I regularly stick to foods that are known to boost my mood, promote an uplifted energy, and fight off depression.  I know that when I eat certain foods (like processed grains and sugars) I feel achy, sad, depressed, black and grey. On the other hand, I’ve also experienced that when I eat a regular supply of natural foods I am able to boost my moods and make my body feel less stressed.

Simply put, your moods are created by your brain. Your brain requires a balance of essential amino acids (protein), essential fatty acids (fats), and sugars (carbohydrates) to use as fuels and function optimally. Each time you eat whole, unprocessed food that the body can recognize and digest you allow your brain to do its job of thinking, dreaming, loving, and keeping you alive. Each time you eat an unnatural, processed food you rob your brain of being able to work at an optimal level. I think you can see where I am going with this. Feed your brain well.

Today’s hemp dessert creation combines a complete source of essential amino acids (hemp), fatty acids (coconut oil, hemp), L-tryptophan (cashew), and D-limonene (lemon) for a superfood dessert designed to trigger a happy button or two.

Raw Lemon Cream Hemp Pie


3/4 C Dates, finely chopped

1C nuts, finely chopped

1/3C hemp hearts

2T coconut oil, gently melted


1.5C  Cashews, soaked for (4-12 hours)

1 lemon, juiced and zested

1/4C raw honey

1/3C Coconut oil, gently melted

1) Mix crust ingredients and press into a pie pan.

2) Blend all filling ingredients until smooth and pour on top of the crust.

3) Chill. Sprinkle with orange or lemon zest and eat to your heart’s content.


I encourage everybody to tune in to how the food is making them feel. Eat less of the foods that leave you feeling empty and fill up with more foods that allow your brain to perform without fog and dark clouds.