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How Are You Using Raw Cannabis?

This week I was sent a number of really great questions from a reader who asked me to elaborate on my raw cannabis usage. I would love to elabortate!!

Question #1: How do you keep it fresh and store it? I store it in the fridge in an airtight container with a paper towel to absorb moisture. I also freeze the juice or full pulp made in  my blender in ice cube trays. The cubes work great in my smoothies.

Question #2: How long can you store it for? In the fridge, 3 days maximum. In the freezer, people tell me it begins to degrade in there after just 7-10 days and others who say it is fine in there for about a month. If you have it, use it up!

Question #3: How much do you consume each day? Right now I am trying to consume about 1-2 oz fresh raw cannabis material. I was aiming for the suggested 7-14 leaves/day but when somebody told me they measured their raw dose with a kitchen scale I went out and bought myself a scale so I have another way to measure. Not all leaves weigh the same. Also, the more I take it, the less I measure it- I can just eyeball how much I need.

Question #4: What plant parts are you consuming raw and in what quantities? Right now I am consuming leaves and stems (see question#3 for how much) but when I have access to it I will also consume raw young buds (maybe an amount equal to my baby finger, not much).

Question #5: Do you take it once a day or break it up into multiple doses? I do both. I prefer to take it first thing in the morning and be done with it. Sometimes, though I will make an extra serving for later in the day. I know people who say they benefit from a morning and afternoon dose but my personal experience so far has been that I need to get it at least once a day.

Thank you, Mainah, for such awesome questions. I appreciate you joining me on this journey.

Have an awesome day!