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My Year With MJBA


2014 ended up being a very full year for me. I got a job in the legal cannabis industry with the Marijuana Business Association. I have to say that being part of MJBA has been a little life adventure all in itself.

While I often get to be part of their events, a large portion of what I do for MJBA is done from the computer in the comfort of my home. Being able to work (in my pajamas) regardless of how I am feeling has been appreciated on those ‘spoonie’ days when there was no way I could have left my house.

Since before the summer I have been getting up almost every single morning at 4:20am as part of my self-imposed work schedule. While this may sound like hell to some people, I’ve been able to build a nice, gentle routine around getting up early to exercise, hydrate, meditate, and medicate before starting work at 5:30am. I actually like it.

2014 was the year that my face publicly became attached to cannabis.  Up until last year I had been keeping my identity somewhat anonymous. That was SO last year. This year my face has been in magazines, on the news, on videos, and endless event pictures now plastered all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube and MJ News Network. It has been amazing to be out there, part of the cannabis industry, documenting my experiences along the way.

More than anything else, this year I found a new tribe at MJBA- a group of smart, ambitious, lovers of cannabis. Thank you MJBA for a wonderful 2014!