Medical Cannabis Lobby Day In Olympia With Ah Warner Of Cannabis Basics

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While attending the 2015 Medical Cannabis Lobby Day in Olympia, Washington, I had the chance to talk with Ah Warner CEO of Cannabis Basics, a  Seattle-based company that makes cannabis topicals.

Ah was in the State Capital representing Americans for Safe Access and lobbying for the big medical marijuana bills that will potentially pass this legislative session. She was also there drumming up support for SB5493, a new topical bill that would allow for the sale of cannabis health and beauty aids in any store in the state without need for a special license.

SB5493 distinguishes cannabis health and beauty products from marijuana which means that products that are made with less than .3% THC will be able to be made and sold everywhere.

The passage of this bill would vastly affect her cannabis topical business, currently only available to distribute to medical marijuana shops in Washington.

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  1. Posted by love on March 14, 2015 at 12:25 am

    I love Ah (aimee)! I used to work with her bartending and I’m so happy she finally is getting that bill in front of the senate. She was working on those products 14 years ago when I met her! So glad its finally taken off! You go girl;P)

  2. I’m a big fan of hers myself. She is such a lovely person. Thank you for sharing such nice things about her.

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