Cannabis Prevents My Suicide


Suicide and cannabis often only shows up in the media as reefer madness propaganda about people consuming marijuana edibles and either killing themselves or somebody else when the reality is that cannabis is daily helping the suicidal who are able to choose this as a treatment.

I first heard of cannabis and suicide while watching a video by Coral Reefer, where she was talking about cannabis preventing suicide by providing a valuable tool for the severely depressed. I really appreciated her openness with the subject and it opened me up to talking more freely about my own cannabis use for depression.

Then I met Patrick from Rainier Xpress, a medical cannabis collective in Olympia, who is creating a supportive medical cannabis community for  veterans. From him I learned that 22 veterans per day are committing suicide from PTSD. His hope is that all veterans will have the option to put a cannabis vape pen in their mouth instead of a gun when they get the urge to ever end their life. I admire his strengths in putting himself so out there with a very intense topic.

I am fully aware that you can use cannabis to manage depression because I do it myself. I understand that when I am feeling dark and anxious it is a physiological issue and that I will need to physically look after my brain in order to pull through that depressed state. Cannabis helps immensely to lift dark moods and the anxiety feeders that they travel with.

The idea of suicide is nothing new to me and while I have wanted to exit this body more than once, successfully dealing with it to keep living has taught me to treat myself with more compassion and stay vigilant about following a lifestyle that supports positive mental health. Going through a bout of severe depression and anxiety is scary and confusing and not at all a reflection of your perceived reality of life but more a literal lack of nourishment to the brain.

Cannabis, good sleep, regular exercise, meditation, and proper nutrition are the main daily tools I use to keep me lifted from depression, anxiety… and as dark as it is to say, even suicide. Taking care of my mental health is one of the main reasons I use cannabis because when my depression and anxiety are managed I also experience less pain and inflammation. How about that?

Stay lifted, my friends.


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  1. Posted by richard on July 14, 2015 at 9:37 am

    I’m a veteran of eight years, U.S.A.F. my service was during the cold war, 1979-1988. I have used cannabis off and on throughout my life. It’s on my entry papers approving me to join the U.S.A.F. I’m now 55 years old. I love using cannabis to manage my depression, help with my diabetes, and control my anxiety in this ever evolving society we call home. I can’t get medical grade cannibis where I live legally. I can’t afford the medical cannabis for I’m on disability through the S.S.A. that’s thirteenhundred dollars a much living you going to do on that with a wife who has stage four kydney failure and you can’t take her to the doctor because you don’t have medical insurance. Why can’t I obtain my medicine that works for me through the V.A.? It’s one fucked up country that denies medicine that helps so many of our Veterans.


  2. Posted by lisa baldwin on July 14, 2015 at 11:00 am

    Thank you for sharing your process of healing. It supports my own journey to a active healthy life. I’m so done with being in pain and miserable.Blessings


  3. […] As I rolled a joint this morning to find an appetite and be motivated to juice some raw cannabis, I felt the need to also Periscope about it being Mental Health Awareness Week and how I manage my own mental health. […]


  4. same story here,cannabis and growing hard,save me from a certain suicide releated to scoliosis and depression,eating and vaporize some strains really make the difference,coconut cannaoil from 0g18 save me from the most dark days,during last months i use high cbd strains like Cannatonic and Medihaze,and my 40° scoliosis seems disappear sometimes and chronic pain is well menaged,full spectrum cannabinoid is the key,i also have great result mixing to cannabis another lovely plant like Rhodiola,I try to fill my day of things to do,depression actually seems gone,a lot of mood elevation,i never look at my scoliosis curve and i go straight thanx for sharing your experience and talk it openly


  5. Posted by Cris on November 10, 2015 at 8:30 pm

    Any resources for us to buy high CBD to THC like 20 to 1 oil in Washington State?
    My wife has bone cancer and has a medical marijuana card. Pain is severe now and delaudid just makes her too sick and mentally gone. Our son-in-law (also has medical card) brought up some 20 to 1 CBD oil from California, which was a God send, we mixed it with some oil based salve and rubbed on the area of significant back/hip pain and she experienced significant relief. A drop under the tongue helped too with sleep and anxiety. She does not like any of the higher THC stuff as it is too psychoactive for her. We are looking (with no luck so far) for a source to buy some more oil and hoping you can lead us to that source.


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