Raw Cannabis Juicing: You’ll Probably Have To Become A Grower

Weedgoat in the Raw Cannabis Juicing Garden

Weedgoat in the Raw Cannabis Juicing Garden

Raw cannabis juicing is a lifestyle discipline that I wholeheartedly embrace, but it requires a lot of effort and plants. For the past few years I have relied on the kindness of other cannabis growers to supply me with raw cannabis they were otherwise discarding or allow me into their gardens to defoliate their plants. This year, however I started tackling the idea that I can grow my own for juicing.

The very idea of growing my own is an intimidating one. I don’t have much privacy or property and I live in a rainforest that only gets sunshine in the summer. Plus my research on what is required for a raw juicing routine has suggested that I need to have 30 plants so as to be able to juice one a day. This is not legal or sustainable for me. So, I’m trying to see what kind of raw cannabis experience I can have with a few plants and if it would still be beneficial.

Last summer I grew a couple of plants but they did not produce much, were stricken with spider mites and powdery mildew,  and turned out to not something I wanted to eat. This year has been a different story.

My garden didn’t get any bigger, but my plants sure did. I started with healthy clones in nutrient rich, organic soil and they grew into trees that I have had to work to keep smaller than my fence so as to keep them as discreet as possible. I also planted mint, sage, and lemon balm around my garden as a potential bug barrier. So far any growing issues have been minimal and spider mites are non-existent. That in itself feel like a huge accomplishment.

I water them with filtered water only when they need it and have been feeding them things from my kitchen that I would feed myself to manage a healthy gut microbiome, nothing fancy or store bought. The other day, for example, I made a smoothie for my plants made of sauerkraut, kelp, mushrooms, and molasses- they loved it. I didn’t learn that recipe that from a book, I’m just experimenting with what feels right and learning how to read plants and developing my own growing style.

I’ve been picking leaves off of my plants once or twice a week, stripping the foliage way down and frequently feeling like I may have over plucked. Each time, though, the plants will bounce back and pump out even more leaves. This plant really does grow like a weed. While I am not getting enough matter off of them to be able to take multiple servings every single day, I have been able to get enough to at least blend with daily and that in itself feels beneficial albeit energetically different from taking multiple raw cannabis juice shots every day.

I feel somewhat accomplished to have gotten this far in my cannabis journey. I’m still not anywhere near where I would like to be as a grower, but having to attend to this plant has taught me tricks that I can also apply to my vegetable garden and is plugging me into the idea that I can grow a lot of my own food even in my small yard.

I’m highly grateful for all this plant is capable of and the cannabis growers in my life who have encouraged and empowered me to stand up and boldly grow my own. Can we just legalize already it so that anybody who wants to can grow and juice their own too?


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  1. Hey there, I am a retired nurserywoman who used to grow in two large greenhouses in alabama, flowers & veggies. I worry about you planting the mint. It is very overcoming! it will take over. Most grow mint in pots for this reason. It will evade you whole yard! be careful. Just take what you need and leave the rest. Good Luck! Michelle

  2. http://www.Reallegalization.org has the answer with the 2015 Cannabis Freedom Initiative 739 Petition. Alowing for cannabis growing, sharing, and amnesty.
    Details at http://www.Reallegalization.org and http://www.GrassRootsWA.org.
    Please spread the word, Peace

  3. Hello Pam i’m an italian organic grower with severe scoliosis from the age of 10,normally i vaporize 5 g day and eat cannaoil with high cbd content,would like finally to try raw juice,but i read some serious articles talking about risk of eat bacteria present in raw weed like salmonella and ecoli,that come from organic garden that use manure for example,pls have any tips to avoid these bacteria from juice?any stomach ache experience?

  4. Posted by Amy on October 14, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    While it is legal here, I would only be able to grow six plants at once, and only three can be mature at any one time. Not any good for juicing.

  5. Yay that you can grow your own but for sure six is limiting if your intention is to juice. I would try blending leaves in your smoothie if you are plant limited. It only takes a small handful of leaves to boost a smoothie with fiber, terpenes, enzymes, magnesium… Peace, TwiceBakedinWA

  6. I’ve not had an issue with such a thing in my couple years of juicing. Know where and how your plants are grown and don’t use anything on them you couldn’t eat yourself. I have heard of others having a stomach ache from drinking cannabis juice but I’m not sure why they experienced that when I drank the same juice and was fine.

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