Exercise, Scoliosis, And Cannabis: There Is No Space For Ego


Remember the things you were able to physically do a decade ago? Can you still do them? This week I rediscovered an old photo album of a yoga photoshoot I did a decade ago. It was beautiful but it was also eye opening because I no longer lived in the same body that could do those poses.

The scoliosis I have been dealing with since age 10 told me back then that it would be wise to capture my spine movement I was able to physically do because one day I may not be able to do them. I never imagined that day would seemingly come so fast.

As I was looking at these old photos, I realized that I could now only do about half of the poses the way they looked in the pictures. Major ego check.

Then I started thinking about how different it was when I used cannabis way back then. I would smoke weed before I exercised to enhance my workout and be able to focus and feel on a whole new level.

Ego check number two…

These days I’m using cannabis not to enhance my workout but to actually be able to do the workout. When I get up early in the morning my back doesn’t want to workout and will protest by being sore and tight. I usually apply a cannabis topical to my torso, take some kind of CBD edible or tincture, and vaporize flower when I have it. Having to modify my intention with why and how I use cannabis is a reality check.

My morning workouts themselves have changed and are rarely high energy because my spine doesn’t want that. It wants gentle, low-key, and mellow first thing in the morning so I usually end up doing stretches and core work.

This whole experience of having to maintain a scoliotic spine is a humbling one. I have only so much control over it but it is still my job to care full-time for this little body while I live in it and be able to learn from the lessons that it provides me. Tuning in with cannabis and exercise allows me to keep the relationship with my body a positive one although that remains a major task.

If you are dealing with scoliosis or back pain I encourage you, as I do myself, to just keep moving. Respect the messages your body is sending you in its pain. Use cannabis with positive intention so you can live a higher quality of life and wellness. And then release your ego as soon as possible.


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  1. Posted by Terrance L. Carter on September 15, 2015 at 7:44 am

    Very well said! Thank you!


  2. hi Twicebaked yogamaster, I don’t know if you even will get this email but if you do please look at Dr. Wahls work. She’s having really good results with alot of autoimmune diseases. Jeffrey


  3. Thank You so much for reminding me about our ego’s. I like to forget that I am battleing 4 stage chronic kidney failure. I too have become responsible for my body and have fought off my declining kidney function for 8 years without dialysis or a kidney transplant. I to remember how active i used to be. I have had to adjust my life to my new body requirements. Thankful most of the time that I still am alive and not on dialysis. But then I get a real check from the doctors and it scares me even though I have told myself I am not scared anymore. But I have regrets inside and ego. I want to remain the same, but yet must be prepared to accept what comes. *I have a large ego for what I have accomplished in this area and this is my problem. You have helped me realize this today. But then how do I filght is my question and stay positive. I have studied and learned much about my condition. I know what is coming and I put it in the back of my mind because i believe that man’s doctors cannot remake what God has given me.
    How does one gracefully accept one’s condition and be a good patient and not let the doc’s run over your life with money consuming drugs and methods?
    My prayers and spirit and knowledge, mixed with responsibility has been my answer. Now I face the real possibility that a transplant is coming and a life with rejection drugs.
    I am new to CBD Cannabis and I use 30% level oil to help with my issues of heart pacemaker from kidneys and other issues from my condition and it has helped a great deal. I am thankful for that and for your post of humility.


    • We stay proud for all we have accomplished, grateful for all we can accomplish, and hopeful for all we will accomplish. And thank you for reading and sharing your story. Sending you peace and love. -TwiceBakedinWA


  4. thanx for sharing your experience and suggestions with cannabis and scoliosis,i’m beginning to do some bend the bow spinal qi gong excerises to finally recover some degrees,dont know if is possible also with yoga,have you recover some degrees with it?


    • Hi, My spine changes all the time and I use exercise to remind it what else it can do besides being twisted. To recover height I have found acupuncture and a few other practices to be beneficial.


  5. Posted by Aly on October 6, 2015 at 11:13 am

    hi! i am also a yogi with scoliosis. just curious, have you kept up your yoga practice over the years? or is it back pain from the scoliosis that keeps you from doing the the poses?


    • Hi Aly! I have kept up with yoga but even from the time I started doing it 17 years ago it doesn’t feel right for me every day. Yes, my back pain has increased in general but that is not necessarily only from how twisted my spine is because my pain changes. Inflammation is often the issue, not that my spine has gotten worse. My spine is still pretty fluid to the point that I can change in height from day to day. I find walking regularly is really important for how my spine holds itself and pilates almost always feels good. Sleep and nutrition totally affect how my spine will feel from day to day and exercise is the way I can tune in to what my body needs that day. Stay bendy! -TBinWA


  6. Hi i have similiar story with scoliosis and depression,how can i contact you just to have some tips?


  7. Thank you for your story. I am also a yogi and hoop dancer, and suffer from scoliosis pain daily and it is sometimes severe. I stumbled across your blog while looking for alternative treatments online. Keeping my practices up is my number one treatment. I am encouraged that you found relief with cannabis. Good luck and thanks again.


    • Hi Gem, Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear you are staying active and keeping it as a priority. For me, learning that scoliosis was not just a muscle and bone issue but also a neurological issue helped me understand why cannabis was a good fit for this lifelong condition. Sending you hugs and love. -TwiceBakedinWA


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