5 Ways To Use Cannabis For Period Pain

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This post is for the ladies out there who have ever had cramps, bloating, anxiety, muscle tightness, nausea, poor sleep, tender breasts, or any other physical experience around their menstruation experience. I feel you.

I have had all sorts of crazy things happen to my body around menstruation and I for sure use cannabis as a gentle and natural way to make my body more comfortable as I attempt to celebrate being a woman every month. Here are 5 ways I use cannabis for period pain.

  1. Cannabis Infused Bath: Soaking in a 30 minute infused bath helps to relieve muscle cramps, anxiety, and promotes restful sleep if done before bed. Personally, I like to take a mid-day bath and find it rejuvenates my body and lifts my feeling of wellbeing.
  2. Cannabis Infused Lotions and Salves: I don’t go anywhere without a cannabis topical on me. Sometimes, I only apply it to the areas that hurt (low back, pelvic area), but my most preferred way is to apply it allover the torso and pelvic area for maximum effects.
  3. Cannabis Suppositories: The pelvic area is rich with blood vessels and using a suppository will make your lower body relax like nothing else and provide a healthy dose of cannabinoids as this method of taking it allows for maximum absorption. Using a suppository might seem strange at first but after you experience relief, its not strange anymore.
  4. Infused Edibles: I use cannabis infused edibles in two different ways right now. In the daytime I take a CBD tincture that allows for an alert mind and less-inflamed body and in the night time I will take an edible with THC when I need help sleeping and long-lasting pain relief.
  5. Vaping: This solves most problems in the moment. Anxiety, pain, and nausea are all made better with a few inhales of vaped flower or concentrate.

I’m not done yet…there are a lot of natural remedies but my old standbys for relief are also primrose oil, cuddling up with a hot water bottle, using relaxing essential oils, and extending myself plenty of self compassion.



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