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Double Hemp Protein Bars


I made Double Hemp Protein Bars earlier this week and immediately had to make a double batch the next day, they are that good. One of the reasons I am so excited about this recipe is that it is delicious new way for me to use protein hemp powder, an ingredient that I have mostly just used in smoothies until now.  Plus, I discovered a new love for freeze dried fruit and the way they add a pleasurable, sweet, airy crunch to any bite.

I already have a number of variations of this recipe swimming around in my head with other fruit and flavor possibilities not to mention it would be easy to use cannabis infused coconut oil for a healthy edible. May I also point out that there is no processed sugar, gluten, dairy, or eggs necessary to making these. There is however, plenty of hemp.

Protein Hemp Bars (yields about 16)

2/3C hemp seeds

1/2C hemp protein powder

1C shredded coconut

2/3C pumpkin seeds

1C freeze dried strawberries

1/3C melted coconut oil

1/4C cacao nibs (optional)

10 medjool dates

pinch of salt

  1. Cream together dates and coconut oil in a food processor until it resembles a paste.
  2. Pulse pumpkin seeds and coconut in a food processor to a course crumble and add to date mixture.
  3. Add all other ingredients and combine well.
  4. Pour crumbly mixture onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper
  5. Press mixture into a firm 1/2″ thick square.
  6. Chill in fridge until firm.
  7. Cut into single sized bars and store in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer.

It only takes about 10 minutes to put these together not including the chill time. Simple, delicious, nutritious. Hope you enjoy and please share your variations in the comments!


CBD Turmeric Bone Broth Recipe

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I spend a lot of energy promoting a plant based way of eating but that conversation shifts when we start talking about bone broths.

I swear by taking bone broth for improving immunity, moods, brain function, digestion, and reducing inflammation. A good bone broth is full of health boosting minerals, gelatin, collagen, glutathione, glucosamine and packaged in a form that is easy to swallow and absorb.

About once a month I will cook a whole organic chicken, debone it, and put the carcass and any parts that won’t be eaten into the crockpot and brew a big batch of bone broth.

Once made it can be used in all sorts of recipes or easily frozen for later use. One of my favorite ways to take it is simply to sip it plain with a little hot water, salt, and pepper.

During this month’s batch I decided to try infusing it with a high CBD (cannabidiol) cannabis kief and powdered turmeric. The results were great. I’ve had it first thing in the morning, in the middle of the day, and for dinner and no matter what it feels like I have done something good for myself.

CBD Turmeric Bone Broth

-bones and scraps from 1 organic chicken

-1T apple cider vinegar

-1 gram kief

-2T turmeric, or more

  1. Put the chicken parts in a crock pot and fill to about an inch from the top.
  2. Add apple cider vinegar and let sit over night on low. (This helps to bring nutrients out of the bones.)
  3. Remove all chicken parts and separate the liquid through a strainer.
  4. Return the liquid broth to the crockpot, add kief and turmeric, and let sit on low overnight.
  5. Use immediately or freeze individual portions for later use.

Notice that I did not decarboxylate my cannabis, which is something you may want to do before you add it to the broth. I didn’t feel the need to do so with this recipe or this particular strain of CBD (cannabidiol) rich kief.

If you are new to taking turmeric, feel good about adding lots in as it is beneficial for reducing inflammation, improving digestion, lowering blood sugar, increases bile production. It is mild in flavor and a bright yellow color that will bring extra life to your food.

Eat well.