Saying Goodbye To Medical Cannabis In Washington State


MMJ Universe Cannabis Farmer’s Market in Black Diamond Washington

There are less than two weeks left before new medical cannabis regulations go into effect in Washington State. For those of us who get our cannabis medicine from the current system that patients have been using since the 90’s, this is a big change nobody is looking forward to.

As I was driving out to MMJ Universe in Black Diamond this past Saturday I found tears streaming down my face thinking about this being one of the last times I would be making that sweet drive in the country to spend time shopping for cannabis in an open market environment.

I’ve been feeling a touch reminiscent about my times out at that specific market where I have met hundreds of patients and growers. Through regular market visits and attending events held there I have been able to plug in with the cannabis community.

I started going there before the adult use of cannabis was legalized in Washington State and I have been able to observe an evolution that the market has taken not only with how beautiful the grounds have become but also to how the market itself has changed over the years.

When I first started attending the market almost every table had a bong or pipe set up so you could sample their products right there. When you walked in the doors it was often a little cloudy and everybody was relaxed with their with cannabis. This was a unique shopping experience, very new to me, and very refreshing to be around. Eventually the smoking was moved outside and while that mildly changed the experience, the freedom felt and education given to patients at the market continued.

When I talked to Diedre, the owner of MMJ Universe, she said she is planning a big celebration on the 30th of June with music and vending to shed some happiness despite how sad so many of us are to be losing our beloved market.

I have much to celebrate from the gains that I have received from that market and even as the tears again roll down my face thinking that it is closing all I can do is thank Diedre and everybody involved in keeping the market going for so long and for focusing on positives and solutions at the end of this medical cannabis era.


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  1. Hi Twicebaked, How do people get in touch with you about coaching? dennyox

  2. Thank you for using the photo of George and myself; I’m quite flattered, and I’m sure he is, too.
    Yes, sad days ahead indeed. I’ve witnessed first-hand the evolution of the farmers’ markets, from White Center to Galaxy to MMJ Universe. The farmers’ market model of bringing patients and providers together has worked beautifully I think, and it’s inconceivable to me that the state cannot come up with a way for us to continue somehow.
    For many patients, particularly the elderly, homebound, and those living with mental health issues (depression, PTSD, etc.), coming to the market is the highlight of their week. We are like a family, we providers and patients, and there is a greater loss here that “just a market”.
    Thanks again TwiceBaked!
    La Belle Fleur

  3. Posted by South Farthing John on June 18, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    Have you thought about growing your own medicine…

  4. Posted by Tinc on June 19, 2016 at 9:13 am

    Super bummed to have been part of all that and now to see it go. Glad y’all are staying positive as I sit here going what the fuck and praying each new state that legalizes learns something from this and makes better laws.

  5. Heart you Tinc- TwiceBakedinWA

  6. Way ahead of you. Its the only way to access raw cannabis- so I have to grow. -TwiceBakedinWA

  7. Thank You, Alison! This picture of you was beautiful and captured exactly what it is like at the market. Gratitude for you sharing it out and respect to you for all the hard work that you have been doing for patients, for years.
    Can’t wait to celebrate with you on the 30th!
    Stay Beautiful. -TwiceBakedinWA

  8. Hi dennyox. Please private message me-

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