Using Mindful Cannabis Habits To Manage Chronic Stress


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Stress has to be one of the biggest things that I deal with for myself and my health coaching clients. When I go to the doctor or read any book about health the advice usually includes ways to reduce stress.

The concept of reducing stress sounds simple enough with nutrients, lifestyle changes and meditation but for a gal like me who deals with lifelong incurable ailments the body is physically stressed 24/7/365 even on a good day. After decades of being in a state of chronic physical discomfort or pain I can tell you it is exhausting to deal with and very stressful.

I was using cannabis for stress long before I knew what I was doing. I just thought I was smoking joints. Now that I have different ways to use it besides smoking I’ve been able to discover just how powerful cannabis can be for reducing physical stress, improving sleep, and calming my nervous system.

But, I have what feels like a confession…

I’ve been smoking joints for stress and I feel guilt about it. It is possibly one of the least useful ways to consume cannabis but that has been my go-to during times of stress this year. I became a pot smoker and could easily smoke through a half dozen joints each day. That may or may not seem like a lot, but when you are rolling fatties you tend to power through your flower really fast. At the prices I now pay for ‘legal’ weed it is not so budget friendly to roll up a gram at a time.

Why joints? For me, it’s the ritual of grinding and rolling, the portability, they are biodegradable, and usually take the perfect amount of consumption time to use as a break. It is also the first way that I was introduced to cannabis and has always just seemed like one of my favorite ways to consume. Plus, they are great for any social occasion even though passing them is a felony.

Why not smoke joints? They’re dirty and ashy. You’re smoking paper too. You are only getting a small percentage of the plant’s cannabinoids by smoking it. You smell like a pot smoker.

There are so many better ways to use cannabis for stress such as tinctures, topicals, and vaping for when you need relief in that moment.

I realize there are much worse ways to deal with stress than smoking marijuana joints but sometimes I honestly use it as a distraction as something I just need to do before I do anything else so I can relax and mentally prepare for that activity. Since I have chosen to use cannabis as a long term pain management choice over phamacuetical drugs and spinal surgery I have to take full responsibility for using it in the most bioavailable and healthful manner towards that mission.

To that end, one of my goals for 2017 is to stop smoking joints as a way to consume cannabis and focus my attention on healthy ways to manage those moments of stress. If you see me , please as me how it is going- I could use the support…changing habits is stressful!



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  1. Posted by Mainah on December 18, 2016 at 11:29 am

    Good for you and best of luck to you! As a reformed smoker, I started with medical marijuana using a pipe, but I quickly switched to a vaporizer and I haven’t looked back. After several years of vaping I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get away from smoking. The trick is in finding the right vaporizer for you. I’ve had many and I’ve settled on a Volcano at home and a Solo for a portable. Both are a few years old and still working like new. They don’t suit everyone though.
    I use cannabis in all forms, but I still use my vaporizers several times a day. It’s still the go to for break through pain, and a quick pick me up. I find inhalation gives a different effect than other methods, and that they work best in concert.
    I grow my own and make everything from scratch so I know what’s in it. Tinctures, edibles, suppositories, etc aren’t that hard to do I find and it’s fun to experience new things. I just finished my first batch of vegan gummies.
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us, and once again, good luck!

  2. Joints are my go to. com-busting may not be the most efficient, but is always more satisfying. The burning smell takes me back to my childhood. My Grandfather used to burn the dead grass and leaves from his yard, it is a dear memory.
    I’m proud to smell like this, the knowing smiles are a comfort.
    the drunks in charge would have us conform to something mote agreeable to their tastes.

    We have been lied to for a profit. The truth is liberating.

    we are not bad people.

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