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Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds: All you Need to Know

Growing your own cannabis isn't an easy task. The results aren't very quick, either. If you're among the impatient growers, fast flowering cannabis seeds are the best options for you. With fast flowering cannabis seeds, you can enjoy the same excellent quality and yield with the added benefit of faster growth. Who wouldn't want that?

What sets them apart?

How are fast flowering cannabis seeds different from standard varieties? Fast flowering varieties are a hybrid of photodependant and autoflowering cannabis seeds. Other than cultivating a yield that’s rich in flavor and potency, they allow the flowering process to start very quickly so that you achieve faster results as compared to the standard cannabis seeds.

A smaller growing period also suggests fewer light hours, which means you'll end up saving money in the long run. Usually, fast strains will not take more than 6 to 7 weeks for the blooming period to begin.

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Why are fast flowering cannabis seeds so popular?

Fast flowering cannabis seeds varieties offer a bundle of benefits. No wonder they’re so popular among weed cultivators nowadays. Here are the benefits it offers:

Reduced chances of rotting
Since fast flowering cannabis develops faster, it will be harvested well before the rainy season, which usually starts around autumn. This will lower the chances of rotting and spoiling the crop.

Plant more often
With fast flowering strains like these, you can plant and harvest more often since the growing period is much shorter. In a given time frame, you can grow the strains more times.

Suitable for northern areas
Since they can be harvested before the cold weather, fast strains suit northern areas such as Germany, Poland, and Britain. With shorter growing periods, the chances of a ruined crop, especially when growing outdoors, are far less than for other cannabis varieties.

Bigger yield
Plants from fast flowering cannabis seeds grow bigger as compared to other varieties and result in a greater yield.

Where can you find them?

Easy to grow, faster and better results, no wonder they’re so popular among weed growers. With their increasing popularity, more and more online stores are offering fast flowering cannabis seeds. Here are some useful links where you’ll find these varieties:
Sticky Seeds Website