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Infusing Coconut Oil with Hash


I like knowing ways to cook with cannabis where you don’t experience a strong cannabis flavor  but still receive the potent medicinal effects. One way to do this is cooking with hash. Hash is a concentrated form of cannabis made up from the trichomes that are collected from the plant. You don’t need very much of it when you cook and it is super easy to work with. This day, I prefer to infuse it into coconut oil that can then be used in any recipe I might be making.

Hash Infused Coconut Oil

2 teaspoons hash

1C coconut oil

1) Activate your hash. Very important step. Heat oven to 240F and place hash inside for 60 minutes. Make sure your oven does not get hotter than 240F by using a thermometer. The hash will get a toasty color. Gently crush the hash with a back of a spoon to break it down to be powdery-like.


2) Add activated hash to melted coconut oil in a double boiler and cook for about 30 minutes stirring often and making sure the hash is fully infused. You don’t want or need to get this too hot, you just want to fully melt the activated hash into the oil.


3) Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly before pouring it into a glass container. This oil can be stored in the pantry or the fridge. Use in cooking, baking, or take it straight.

Simple, right? The end hash coconut oil product smells and tastes great. And it is potent. This particular batch of oil was used to make just over 65 potent unbaked, sugarless cookies.  Each of those cookies provided a dose that lasted for several hours.

I used a hash from the Blue Dream cannabis strain which I personally find to be a beneficial daytime medicine. When ingested with coconut oil it works well for several hours on my body pain and is mentally uplifting and energizing. I do not take this strain too late in the afternoon or it will keep me up past my bedtime.

Got Hash? A little goes a long way.