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Places to Purchase Cannabis Seeds

Hello to all my smokers and tokers, I have been looking around lately as I wish to increase my collection of cannabis seeds. The old place I use to use to buy cannabis seeds was the best and I always had great results and service from there; however they seem to of disappeared into the abyss as I can not find their shop anymore. This left me a bit miffed and sad, the prospect of finding another shop to trust on such a sensitive topic gave me paranoia and stress! The thought of trusting a brand new place for both discreet delivery and decent genetics was even more drama on top of the previous.

I find that I often get comfortable with what I know and often dislike change. When it comes to locating premium marijuana genetics then most of us are going to feel the same. So my anxieties aside, I started browsing a few different cannabis seed shops. I noticed some are much cheaper than others but for the sake of a few pounds it was not going to be a deciding factor for me. I suggest you do not get wallet shy when you are selection strains!

So after a couple of hours and doobies, I found a great option. I decided that the best website to purchase cannabis seeds is kingkayaseeds.com as they had a mixture of positive traits. I found some great reviews both on Trustpilot and also on relevant forums such as THCTalk. This made it all look very appealing to me. There was also a second website that looked interesting but King Kaya had lower prices and I was confident that the genetics looked solid. So I went ahead and placed my order.

I received the cannabis seeds the next day and the packaging was awesome, fully discreet, nice breeders pack and big brown tiger striped seeds. Overall I feel very happy and would order from these guys again, I wanted to share my story with you all so that you can know of a good place to buy cannabis seeds. They sell both feminized cannabis seeds and autoflower varieties. I only buy feminized cannabis seeds myself as regular and autos are not so appealing to me.

For anyone wondering what strains I went for, it was Blue Kush and Afghan Kush. Blues have always been a big favorite of mine since the first time I purchased a bag back in the 90's. Although I have never really hit that same sweet smell, I have been close. It is a shame that true blueberry is so hard to come by. Anyway, that is it for today! Peace out.